The definition of lung cancer:

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The definition of lung cancer:

Is the growth of some cells of the lining of the trachea faster rate than normal and irregularly, which leads to accumulation and an overlap in the process of exhumation of mucus, and develop some of the cells multiplying rapidly and become malignant. These cells crowd out and eliminate the normal cells, and leads to sequestration in the lung mucus. And constitute a cluster of cancer cells or tumor blocking the trachea, and is one of the main causes of death for men and women in most industrialized countries.

1. Shortness of breath.
2. Difficulty in getting sputum from the trachea.
3. Chronic cough.
4. Out the blood with sputum.
5. Pain (rarely).
6. Dramatic weight loss for no apparent reason with stress.
7. Sound in the chest during breathing (zoom).
8. Difficulty in swallowing due to pressure from the tumor on the esophagus.

1. Smoking, it has been proven that smokers are more easily than others for lung cancer.
2. High percentage of pollution in the air.

1. Rays of the bust.
2. Examination of sputum under a microscope.
3. Perspective of the styles air Bronchoscopy.
4. CT scan.
5. Take a sample of the tumor by the needle.

Methods of Treatment:
1. Alisitsal surgery if possible.
2. Radiotherapy and therefore to expose the location of cancer, X-ray.
3. Chemotherapy is important for some types of lung cancer as it is used with other treatments if there are transitions of cancer outside the lung.

1. Stay away from smoking.
2. Separation plants for the city where people live.

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