Pituitary gland .. Hormones in control of half a gram in the whole body

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Pituitary gland .. Hormones in control of half a gram in the whole body

Pituitary gland: hormone half a gram, deaf, and affected Baliiezac of the brain, brain preserved in the intracranial component of bones of various shapes and a variety of sizes and there is a bone at the base of the skull called Alisfinoid contains the cavity is very similar to the horseshoe (or Turkish saddle), and within this cavity stabilizes the pituitary gland, as far as the size of a grain size of chickpeas and half a gram of weight, but gain weight in women during pregnancy for up to one gram.

The pituitary gland (ie, not have Guenoap pass through secretions to reach organs and tissues involved, but affect and are affected based on the directives Albyukemiaoip complex) consists of two lobes: Front and rear separated by the Isthmus of the front is 75% of the weight of the gland.

The brain is the tens of anatomical parts of very complex, called the nerve centers, senior centers, and the thalamus, hypothalamus and cerebellum, etc ... And pituitary gland related to the bottom of the hypothalamus is affected Baliiezac outgoing, many of its innovative diagnostic tools to study the health status of the gland, including x-rays, Nador ringing through the bone Aloesfinoide (through the nose) and blood tests.

The pituitary gland produces hormones, and hormones structures Byukemiaoip very complex, do not accept the increase or decrease the quantity is limited and very few in the body, but the effects are multiple and large.
The pituitary gland produces hormones and hormones stimulating, and there are three groups of hormones secreted by this gland:

The first group of hormones crust Altrobin Albbtaid include:
1. Alkortictrobin hormone.
2. Ebobrocin hormone beta.
3. Klaikobbyayd hormone amino

Pools II Diabetes and protein hormones include:
1. Follicle-stimulating hormone.
2. Luteinizing hormone.
3. A catalyst for the thyroid hormone.
4. Kurionk Altrobin sexual.

Group III hormones Trobinat mammalian body and include:
1. Hormone milk.
2. Growth hormone.
3. Aktugen hormone, the placenta.
But what concerns us and near to the simplification are those hormones that have a lot of cases of disease, and therefore, we can classify these hormones as follows:

First, hormones are a stimulant to reproductive function.
And secreted by the anterior lobe and affect the testicles and ovaries, two hormone LH and follicle-stimulating hormone.

1. LH: In the female is responsible for bleaching and the secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones from the ovaries, and increases the production of male hormone Alteststeron and excretion from the testicle, which in turn maintains the male sperm.

The proportion of luteinizing hormone in females vary depending on the phases of the menstrual cycle. The proportion of this hormone in males and a few very small children.

Increase the rate among women who interrupted menstruating while lower rate when treatment Bhormoni estrogen and Alteststeron, tumors of the ovaries or glands, kidneys (adrenal), interruption of the session due to the failure of the pituitary gland as well as in the event of illness Sheehan, an effect that gets the pituitary gland due to infarction of blood vessels own.

2. FSH: When the female is responsible for launching the hormone estrogen from the ovaries.

When the male has its role in the early stages of sperm formation. Increase the percentage of this hormone in women who were menstruating interrupted, illness The panel (a disease or condition resulting from balanced chromosomal imbalance), lack of pipe-carrying sperm in the absence of the ovary.

Low level of this hormone when the use of estrogen containing compounds (contraceptive pill), Hypopituitrism full, anorexia neurotic, in the case of sexual dysfunction. When females vary depending on the phases per menstrual cycle, the rate among men less than women, a few children.

An examination of these hormones are in the case of infertility in both sexes and especially to find out the cause being primary or secondary, as well as deficiencies in the pituitary gland and also in the case of irregular menstrual cycle.

Secondly, milk hormone (prolactin)
Secreted by the anterior lobe also is not known yet what it is physiological in males, while the female works on the growth of members of the female, especially breast and with the participation of estrogen and progesterone, the hormone milk level goes down in the first half of the menstrual cycle and rise during the second half, and starts to rise gradually since the beginning of pregnancy until it reaches the maximum level after birth, were operating with the composition of breast milk to feed newborn, and then begins to decline gradually went up to the normal level up to a month after birth.

The hormone milk is increased use of medicines for cases psychological, such as Finothayazen, and amphetamine, and Halobridol, in addition to some tranquilizers as well as in the case of using insulin for diabetes, treatment Aloizonyazaid used to treat tuberculosis in addition to the use of some anti-life, has been observed that hormone milk increase as a result of pressure psychological.

The high level of this hormone for normal limits is the most important reasons to prevent pregnancy in some women.

The following cases requesting an examination of the hormone prolactin: the failure of the work of the testis, ovary, interruption or lack of menstrual cycle, lack of formation of sperm, lack of sexual energy in both sexes, the secretion of milk in a woman is not pregnant, the secretion of milk to the man and the emergence of breasts, track the status of eradication in the thyroid gland, and the suspicion of tumor, the pituitary gland.

Third, growth hormone:
Hmon growth helps in building the human body and by increasing the formation of proteins, which in turn develop the bones and various tissues.

The growth hormone breaking the fat component objects Alkithonip, and has an adverse impact on insulin, causing an increase in glucose in blood, as well as it increases the level of sodium salts, potassium and magnesium in the body.

The growth hormone is affected very pretensioners and nervous effort muscular exercise, it is rising due to stress resulting from cases of surgical intervention or exposure to the severity of Foreign Affairs, or in cases of acute diseases, rising as well as in the case of falling sugar, gigantism, and in the use of insulin and also under the influence of the anesthetic. The low level Vicu in the case of stunting, the eradication of the pituitary gland, pituitary gland deficiency destruction, in the case of the use of certain drugs such as steroids.

Some doctors resorted to request analysis of growth hormone in the case of suspected stunted or gigantism.

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