Infections, mouth .. How to move to affect the rest of the body?

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Infections, mouth .. How to move to affect the rest of the body?

Represents the oral cavity, the main gate of the two digestive tract, a crossing dangerous for many viruses and bacteria that infect the body a lot of illness, as the oral tissues very similar to the respiratory system and digestive tract, therefore any microbe is present in the saliva is likely to move to other Member relating to the mouth and vice versa correctly and this is known to all.

But the big question many people ask is: Is there an oral infectious diseases? What are these diseases and how to move?

Therefore, we will address the topic of oral diseases can be transmitted through the mouth and how to prevent them.

Many people caught the changes oral different may be in the form of ulcers of different sizes, colors, or changes or swelling in the tissues of the mouth or gums may be chronic and sometimes may accompany other symptoms such as pain or high temperature or respiratory or digestive system or otherwise. The toddler with the people they will disappear oral temperature after several days.

But the truth is that they represent several different diseases, some potentially in combination with respiratory diseases or reproductive tract or sometimes a very serious and some may represent the beginning of malignant diseases.

Most of the diseases transmitted by oral infection with the diseases resulting from infection by viruses, as well as physical ailments that are changes in the mouth is a symptom resulting from it, unlike some other diseases, oral diseases such as regular gum and tooth decay, which is not contagious in most cases.

Diseases through the mouth
The diseases which are transmitted by infection through the mouth much of the most important:

- Respiratory diseases as a whole viral including bacterial, such as the flu which is transmitted through droplets of saliva and the latest types and that caused the panic of people in the present so-called swine flu, where there were medical reports that the virus «1 H, 1» is transmitted through droplets of saliva spreading in the air while breathing or coughing or sneezing.

Among the most famous old diseases that are transmitted through the mouth of tuberculosis, which still exists in some communities, poor crowds.

- Herpes: This is the disease known since ancient disease which affects the human race, as the body is a suitable environment for the life of the virus.

The spread of the disease in crowded areas, especially in poor communities and affects children and adults.

There are two types of the virus carrier of the disease.
- Type the first two (Herps virus type I) that is transmitted through the mouth, especially when direct contact such as kissing. The danger of this virus is that after injury to the body settle in the ganglia of nerves in the mouth, face, and due to certain circumstances such as exposure to psychological stress has re-emerged at various times after the first infection to infect the oral mucosa and skin in the facial area and during the period of active disease that is spreading the virus in secretions saliva and mucus in places of infection, making it easy to move and infections during sneezing or touching.

- The second type shows the disease is usually in the form of oral ulceration called Baltegrahat accompanying viral infections of the gums and mouth (gingivostomatitis) which is about blisters containing fluid and cause the lips, nose and chin.

In children extended incubation period of 2-12 days where a child is scarred many prevalent in many parts of the mouth and be accompanied by a rise in temperature, headache, extreme tiredness.

The remains of this virus in the body for many years, causing several injuries and in some cases remain idle in the body.

When repeated infection again as a result to activate the virus again called cold infection (cold sore) becomes a small fluid-filled sores and cause the edges of the lips.

One of the factors leading to recurrent ulcers high fever, and the lack of immunity in the body, and mental disorders and sunburns.

And infections of the disease are in the most when sores open and be exposed inside the liquid. These are similar to the healing of ulcers within one week of non-treatment and the best treatment is to eliminate waiting period of infection and the use of topical analgesics in the case of pain only.

- There is another type of virus causes blisters in the mouth also infect him, called «Coxsackievirus» (Coxsackie virus) leads to the development of blisters on the hands and feet add to the tissues of the mouth.

- Also another type of virus called Epstein Barr virus Epstein - Barr virus (EBV) This type of virus is transmitted by oral infection causes a disease called kissing disease (kisses disease).

Ulcers of different
May affect many people other type of lesions are limited in the mouth only and associated with other symptoms in the body are not infectious. And including:

- Mouth sores (apthous ulcers) which is a blistering strike membranes lining the mouth where the gums, and the membrane lining the income, and the tongue, palate and lips. The number of lesions from one to ten, distributed in parts of the mouth. And oval in shape, and membrane surface was covered by white and surrounded by redness in the tissue lining the mouth.

- A person may become infected Baltegrahat oral more than once and called Baltegrahat repeated (recurrentapthous ulcers). This type is divided into three sections and varies according to the size of ulcerations.

As for the causes of this type of soreness Too many reasons that are not confirmed but it is believed that mental disorders have a significant impact on the occurrence, as well as heredity or imbalance in the immune system of the patient or eating certain foods that cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth or cause injuries or foods The very hot accompanied Chemotherapy for cancer patients in the face and jaws or radiotherapy. One of the reasons also alcohol and smoking.

And do not forget some of the diseases and chronic digestive disorders. It is therefore very important to a strict medical examination to ascertain the reasons leading to ulceration, must do a blood test to find out the level of hemoglobin as a feature of lack of iron in the blood may be the existence of this type of sores. And the taking of a sample or swab of the lesion to see whether there was any bacterial or viral infections.

Is transmitted disease, AIDS or hepatitis in the dental clinics?
Question on the extent of transmission of the AIDS virus and hepatitis through the mouth much cited. The answer is that there were no cases of infection with HIV through the mouth as this disease is transmitted by blood and not the mouth.

But there were reports of cases contracted the disease through dental clinics. This indicates a strong indication of the importance of following the correct methods of infection control in dental clinics in order to prevent such a serious infection. For hepatitis, it is transmitted through blood is also likely to be transmitted through the saliva of all kinds.

What about the transmission of infection from the mouth to the rest of the body?
The transmission of microbes from the mouth to the rest of the other body as possible and there is ample evidence, the Studies of medical indicate a link between gum disease and bone surrounding the teeth, heart disease and lung, as well as its relationship with the low weight of the newborns and diabetes.

The reason generally lies in the possibility of transmission of certain bacteria through the blood of the patient's gums to parts of the body and may have a role of bacteria in diseases of the heart and arteries.

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