Definition of stomach cancer:

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Definition of stomach cancer:

Was an abnormal growth, and uncontrolled by the cells lining the internal wall of the stomach.

Difficult to diagnose stomach cancer at an early stage and that the length of time between the emergence of cancer and the onset of symptoms, and are included:
1. Swelling of the stomach.
2. Weight loss.
3. Anemia and fatigue.
4. Persistent pain does not respond to treatment.
5. Vomiting.

1. The presence of benign tumors of the stomach.
2. The remaining stomach after partial gastrectomy.
3. Gastritis self-autoimmune.
4. Incidence of long-term shortness of digestion.
5. The presence of gastric ulcer does not heal.
6. Genetic makeup and have found that a higher proportion of gastric cancer occur in people with blood type (a).

1. Rays of the stomach after drinking a white colored substance Barium.
2. Action telescope of the stomach.
3. Action ultrasound of the abdomen.
4. Take a sample of the tumor (through the work of the telescope) and examined under a microscope.

Methods of Treatment:
1. Surgical intervention: and be either a partial removal of the stomach cancers of the topical or removal of the stomach full in the event of widespread cancer.

2. Palliative surgical procedures: such as the work connections, metal, and can alleviate the suffering at the heart of obstructive contagious put plastic tube through the tumor.

3. Chemotherapy is used to eliminate the limited transitions cancer in other organs.

1. Distance from the cause of stomach ulcers, and there are smoking, drinking alcohol, drink much coffee, eat spicy continuously, the large number of strong emotion.

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