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way can help them a natural anti-fungal agent

Addinm British researchers find a way can help them a natural anti-fungal agent found in grapes and other crops, in the prevention of cancer.

The researchers Onmadp resveratrol found in grapes in the body to become an anti-cancer Ghaderaly target and destroy cancer cells.

The supervisor of resveratrol research, said a defensive anti-fungi in grapes and other crops and there are higher rates in plants that do not address mosquito innate industrial, and added that learning from nature Bhmaalchukl will help us in our work, which aims to install drugs are selectively activated in tumor can be the basis for therapy of cancer.

The study confirmed that the resveratrol analyzed by an enzyme known as the CY P-1 P-1 which is found in cells of different types Manalouram, and lead and lead this process to convert resveratrol into a material substance Albisetanolohi close plant estrogen, known for its anti-cancer.

It is noteworthy that, scientists had thought before then that the enzyme CY P-1 P-1 Ohdmspbat cancer because it does not exist only in tumor cells without the healthy tissue, and Alanbatwa believe that the enzyme found in the tumor cells to combat it, so the team continues to research on how to help him in his work.

Commander of the research team, saying we doubt that this natural material beneficial to health and have anti-cancer properties, but this research clearly how the prevention of tumor production of such elements within the anti-cancer Alkhalaiaasertanip itself.

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