Clean the ears more harm than good

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Clean the ears more harm than good

Points of olive oil Tveban Tnzvan ear wax
Use a finger or pen in the ear cleaning displays to inflammation
Dr. Rob Hicks, a British Doctor provides some tips on the ear and how to protect and avoid problems which he says that man is usually the cause.
A common problem is blockage of the ear, and why this problem is usually caused by the substance produced by the ear wax, which is usually paid by the rights to the home during his attempts to get rid of them.
These attempts to get rid of the wax does not cause blockage of the ear, but also hearing impairment and the resulting injury ringing in the ear and pain is also very occasionally.
Many people believe that cleaning the ears in this way is healthy and desirable, but they do not know that this way more harm than good. But what they do not know also that the ear has an internal mechanism to clean itself without outside help from humans.
Inside the ear fats and oils, protect and prevent the entry of foreign objects into the ear. When these materials are mixed with dust and other foreign matter forming the wax, which get rid of him by the ear of hundreds of micro-filaments in a manner we do not notice.
When we do we are trying to get rid of this wax, we do not pay home, but only to help him freeze, making it hard for many of the process get rid of it, and then a quorum clogged ear.
The best way to get rid of the wax is put two drops of olive oil in each ear twice a day. All types of olive oil, cheap and expensive ones, working to dissolve the wax. But in some cases need to be a doctor is to withdraw the accumulated wax in the ear.
He also advises doctors not to authorize the use of drying towels or cotton, but that let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer from a distance.
When someone develops psoriasis or atopic Have a strong desire to scratch the skin, and when the infection in the ear pain and a feeling of greater comfort.
And rights are often resorted to the use of his fingers, pens or any tool that can enter the ear in an attempt to rid himself of this feeling, here comes the problem, this method leads to the destruction of thin material lining the ear and allow access for HIV infection into the human ear to catch what is known as inflammation the external ear.
It can also occur during swimming, when the ear is filled with water, Vtaatdkhm interior of the ear canal and narrow and become more painful is possible, with man-of-hearing and the problems usually start in getting the ear of some of the material.
In this case a patient needs to take antibiotics in the form of points in addition to the sedative pills, but also in some severe cases, the patient requires medical intervention.
Might use a lot of girls to their ears hole and two-time and three followers of fashion, but this fashion has a price paid Gal ear.
All that damage the skin does not hurt, but also allows contagion, which is what happens in the ear Halpthagb especially when not looking after the girl's bloody military siege well during and after the hole.
There are also some people who suffer from particularly sensitive to certain metals such as nickel, which is used in the manufacture of earrings, which may lead to the inflation of the ear, so it is recommended to use pure metals such as gold.
Perhaps many people are keen not to expose their faces or heads to direct sunlight and take precautionary to protect them, but they do not realize that the upper part of the ear of the most sensitive and exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays.
Exposure to the sun's rays to the skin peeling of Foreign Affairs of the ear, just as happens with the face when exposed to the sun a lot. The solution is to try to protect the ear of those rays, either through coverage or use some creams for protection from the sun.
The doctors warn that the ear is also susceptible to skin cancer because of the sun

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