«Body spoiled child» how to protect it?

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«Body spoiled child» how to protect it?

Hair loss is one of the most diseases that afflict patients with skin clinics, especially women, are affected by hair significantly affected by hormonal and psychological changes that occur for a person to the extent that some doctors call it «the poster child for the body» as the intensity of emotion to these changes.

When the hair begins to fall, the patient feared loss of the whole in a short period, and may be this fear is not justified unless the rate of hair loss is scientifically hair between 100 to 150 hairs per day.

The reasons for hair loss are many we identify as follows:

First: Altologini precipitation is the most common, and its causes:

- Tension and the consequent changes in the physiology of human, this typically occurs before the tests or when starting new work or if there are chronic problems in the home.

- Disease of the thyroid gland.

- High fever.

- Anemia and iron deficiency.

- The diet is studied (diet or harsh).

- After the birth and surgical procedures.

- Dealing with certain types of medicines.

Second: precipitation Alonegene: This occurs because of dealing with cancer drugs or certain medications such as heparin.

III: Precipitation Psychiatry (Trajkutlomagna): and is caused by deliberate plucking subconscious often has come to most of the hair and do a lot in young age.

IV: precipitation because of sycosis

The most common are the following diseases:

- Vixen: They are divided into several sections which mismatch recover after a short period but may be, including the chronic but limited, including the Vixen's overall capital, and there is general alopecia, which comes on the whole body so there is no hair in the body and head.

And immune disease lupus, as the immune skin that are part of the immune attack the physical roots of the hair and lead to destruction, similar to a large extent in terms of disease vitiligo pathology.

- Hair loss gene (Alindrugeni): divided the women into 3 sections (Ludwig), and 7 sections in men (Hamilton)

- Hair loss due to skin diseases such as lichen, lupus skin or syphilis.

- Hair loss due to bacterial or fungal infections and this often happens in children.

This is the most, were not all, of the reasons that lead to hair loss. Here should be noted that there are those who believe in the existence of other reasons did not prove to hair loss such as: the use of the kaffiyeh, Shamag and ghutra, or impact the quality of water used, or clogged pores, or frequent washing, or poor circulation. All these reasons do not cause hair loss.

The status of different kinds of oil on the hair could lead to the proliferation of fat on the hair, but do these oils prolong the hair, or shot down or prevent hair loss, these are not scientifically proven, at least according to doctors, but treatment is divided into several sections:

First: the use of treatment, you can use the vehicles Alniuksedel 2% to 5% for long periods may be extended to longevity, because if he was stopping the drug will be lost all that had been achieved, and hair loss due to an earlier era.

- Vehicles Alvenistrajl: used in the treatment of enlarged prostate, and discovered its usefulness as a treatment for hair loss in men only, while it is harmful to women in the age of menopause because it may cause congenital diseases of the children live.

II: Surgical intervention:

As possible through the hair transplant procedure, which is the subject of a stand-alone.

The hair loss due to skin disease, skin disease must be treated first, and Vixen dealt mediated steroids with great care and under the supervision of the competent doctor. The treatment is proven that garlic may lead to treatment of alopecia, but at the same time, may lead to a change in skin color; because of the garlic cause inflammation of the skin and thus lead to a change in color.

The question Is there a cure for alopecia in order not to come back again? The answer is, unfortunately, does not exist to date, only treatment currently available.

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