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DHEA hormone helps to resist cancer and arterial disease and Alzheimer's

Complement to speak in the past two weeks on the hormones continue to talk today about the most important hormone that address diseases such as:
Cushing disease:
Cushing syndrome or disease is a rare disorder caused by overactivity of the adrenal cortex. And is characterized by people with the disease when they are most obese in the regions of the abdomen and buttocks, but the limbs are thin, and their faces are round, which is known or generally called the moon. The disease is characterized by weakness and muscle atrophy, and may show signs of a round and red like acne on the face, eyelids may seem Matturman. It is common in this disease can increase hair growth in the body, may appear for women mustaches and beards. And causes thinning of the skin in cases of Cushing disease to the emergence of the bruises and marks the result of expansion of the skin. It is often the deterioration of functional capacity of the adrenal gland caused by use of a wide range of cortisone treatment of diseases not related to endocrine glands, such as arthritis and asthma. And long-term use of cortisone drugs makes the adrenal glands are shrinking in size and may lead to the emergence of the patient's appearance is similar to Cushing's disease patient. It also happens that the condition occurs so-called «the failure of the adrenal cortex» because the pituitary gland disease, or tuberculosis. Can also contribute to alcoholism, drugs, smoking and poor dietary habits in the incidence of adrenal failure.
Is a common disease affecting about 40 million people in the world and some of them do not know they are infected. Most of the doctors in the past believe that all cases of diabetes result from lack of insulin produced by beta cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, the body can use and store glucose quickly. Some of the injured diabetes have a deficiency in insulin already This type of disease called the first form of diabetes known as this type of disease also diabetes-insulin-dependent. However, many patients with diabetes, especially those who get it after 40 years of age have their insulin within the normal limit, or be slightly higher in some cases, but their bodies do not respond effectively to insulin. The doctors call this type of disease the name of the second model of diabetes. It is also known diabetes non-insulin-dependent. And 80% of the disease diabetes in America and Europe are infected with the second paradigm, which is the mildest type of the disease. While the proportion of patients by more than 95% in other regions of the world. Needs of patients with diabetes type I of a daily dose of the hormone insulin and need some more doses per day.

Dealing with insomnia

Inadequate secretion of thyroid:
This produces the situation from a lack of thyroid hormone secretion and symptoms of this disease include loss of appetite, fatigue, inability to withstand cold and low heart rate and an increase in the weight and pain in the previous period of the menstrual discharge and the descent of the structure of the breasts and fertility problems, muscle weakness and shrinking, dry, scaling skin and the appearance of yellow-orange color of the skin, especially in the palms of the hands, yellow bumps on both eyelids and loss of hair, including eyebrows, depression, difficulty in concentration, slow to speak and should be made and swelling of the eyelids, and goitre. The most common symptoms inability to withstand cold, if you feel constantly cold, while the feel of the heat around you suffering from low thyroid activity. Address the lack of secretion of thyroid Bhormon thyroxine.

Problems of growth and other problems not related to growth:
Group of children suffering from problems in their development because of lack of growth hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland, and many children are dwarfs, if not treated this hormone. The growth hormone which is produced by the pituitary gland, the brain works to organize the activities of the vital organs, so it helps to maintain health through the body. And growth hormone regulates more than just repair tissue growth, healing, replace the cell, the health of the member, bone strength, brain function, the production of enzymes, the health of nails and hair and skin. Everyone needs to quantities of human growth hormone. In addition, this hormone strengthens the immune system and helps the body to resist the damage of oxidation. And at older ages, the growth hormone levels decreased by 14% in the decade and the decline of this hormone the functions of vital organs in the body are also slowing. As a result, the growth hormone used to combat diseases associated with the aging of the physical and mental decay is used to treat growth hormone deficiency and lung function and decreased body fat and increase the ability to perform the exercise, and increase bone mass in people with osteoporosis. Also emerged that growth hormone can strengthen the immune system and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV (AIDS), which is characterized by severe lack of weight and muscle.

Glands in the human body

Hormone therapy Dihedro eBay Androsteron (DHEA):
This hormone is the most abundant hormones in the blood stream and is produced in the adrenal gland, which lies above the kidneys. This hormone is similar to a lot with human growth hormone and the hormone melatonin in an impact that anti-aging hormone that is produced in abundance during the period where young people up to the peak level at about the age of twenty, then start declining, and at the age of eighty scientists say that people in this age has become a rate between 10-20% of this hormone in their blood than they were at the age of young people. Research has shown that DHE A hormone has many functions in the human body related to longevity and health. Among the functions of the hormone DHEA, which is to assist with the production of sex hormones estrogen and a Altestostron and increase the percentage of muscle mass and reduce fat levels in the body and helps to bone deposition, thus helping to prevent osteoporosis. Starting level of the hormone DHEA with age in the decrease of the hormone, like any other, and this decrease begins organs and other body are deteriorating or decreasing. This gives way to making the body vulnerable to various cancers such as breast, prostate and urinary bladder in addition to hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, and the dissolution of the nerves, and other diseases associated with old age. Research has shown that DHEA treatment Bhormon can have a range of impacts of high interest in the body in 1986 in a study based on twelve years of research, which included 242 men in the middle-aged and older also found that the use of small doses of the hormone DHEA appeared to be related to reduction of deaths for heart disease by 48%, and reduce the incidence of death by 36% in other diseases. In another study lasted 28 days found that treatment with the hormone DHEA has enabled a group of men that they will lose 31% of the average fat in their bodies without changing weight. In a third study on a group of men of middle age and older who take DHEA hormone for a period of one year found that they feel that they are in the best of their conditions and they now have a better ability to resist stress with increased mobility and a stable and good sleep and decrease pain. Research also showed that treatment Bhormon DHEA can help to resist cancer and arterial disease and multiple sclerosis sclerosis and Alzheimer's and osteoporosis, and improved immune system activity and memory. There has been a study on systemic lupus erythematosus were given 200 mg daily dose of the hormone DHEA for three to six months showed improvement in clinical symptoms which prompted the reduction of doses of medicines given to treat systemic lupus erythematosus.

VII: Insomnia:
Which is the inability to sleep normally. Using the hormone melatonin, which is produced by the pineal gland in the treatment of people who suffer from insomnia due to lack of secretion of this hormone during sleep. It also prevents tinnitus and helps to relax and increases energy and useful in the treatment of migraine headaches.
Should not be used only under medical supervision.

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