Option benefits for the skin and Health

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Option benefits for the skin and Health

Option has many nutritional benefits, and besides that it has other benefits, health and cosmetics as well.

The option on several important elements of the post of the skin sulfur which maintains the freshness of the skin and soft texture and smoothness

It also contains the sugars that feed the clucides facial muscles, the choice moisturizing, soothing and antiseptic

And laxative, and is one of the precious elements in the field of beauty and suitable for all skin types.
[] The choice is one type of fruit and vegetables is not as some believe, contributes to the option to ease inflammation .. Can be eaten fresh in many ways or in pictures or as e pickled side dish with cooked. And the fruit has the overwhelming choice for women, because women are using in beauty care and treatment for the eyes tired.

The benefits of option:
1 - option is used for skin disorders, also has soothing properties of materials and detergents.
2 - Option a diuretic.
3 - Another advantage of the option help to treat some lung disorders, stomach and chest, in addition to being an effective treatment for gout and arthritis and tapeworm
Reduce the severity of burning mouth stomach, which also reduces the concentration of gastric acid.
- Can drink fresh cucumber juice, which also benefit of persons suffering from bronchitis and intestinal ulcers.
- To reduce the tumor and the treatment of stress around the eye, put option on the segments of the eye (after closing).
- Drink option each day may help reduce the incidence of eczema, arthritis and gout.

- How-to tips when you use the option:
- Option to keep away from direct sunlight or heat so as not to wilt, and to ensure its status in the refrigerator.
- To get rid of the bitterness of the option, is to cut off both sides of the fruit and peel.
- It is preferable to stay away from pickles option for two reasons: First, it Ptkhalil option loses most of the vitamins that contains them - secondly, because the pickles have high levels of sodium which is harmful to human health as a white poison.
Option and Beauty

If you suffer from skin splotchy from the sun or the birth Here's the recipe

Parishioner option in milk and wipe your face by the Katana twice a day, on this Azbi

Process for several days in a row .. If your face is the most expensive option fatty water and wipe your face by the hot and cold.

The option holder is an amazing grab the large pores of the skin.

Take cucumber seeds, and a similar amount of seeds of melons and Athaniha together until you have powder, seeds,

Mix well powdered skim milk until you have a viscous mixture of the cream .. Put

Conclusion on your face for half a minute .. When dry Catcher Anzeih by water or rose water,

Use a dry skin and the same previous method with the replacement of fresh milk cream.

In order to address acne and blackheads Take a little bit of cucumber juice and one teaspoon of fresh stones

And one teaspoon of rose water or orange water, egg and one egg lightly whipped and a girl, the same way earlier.

You can also face painting juice option in the evening to continue in force throughout the night.

The cucumber juice makes a face blond color Meh repeat the process.

As well as the option to eat live thirst and help reduce neurological disorders.

During the hottest days and summer or during the diet Afarami option and put him on milk and cool it Tnaoulih

Live thirst and cools the body. According to the option to eat as well as diabetes.

The other option is a win acid mashed body warmer and easier digestion also .. Also, eating option benefit
The body to expel toxins and clean the intestines.

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