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Scientists confirm the existence of a relationship between eating certain foods and the possibility that you enjoy to be more vigilant and calm and optimistic, especially when the sky is gray winter over you, or in you for one reason or another, and then lose Icractk natural, crumble your energy, and shrink your abilities.

Says food researcher "Jody Ratman": "We have found that some foods have a positive impact on the secretion of certain brain chemicals, which in turn affects directly to determine the mood and mental energy and then our performance and our actions."

Among the most important of these foods:

* Brown bread:

Most foods that contain one or more of the twenty different amino acids found in animal and vegetable protein and essential for good health. Because these amino acids compete to deliver messages to the human brain, eating a little brown bread helps to communicate the message of the amino acid "Tryptophan", which says: "Relax, be optimistic."

Once the arrival of the "Tryptophan" to the brain, it raises the level of the "serotonin" chemical in the brain that soothing and lift the mood
The scientists of the importance of eating bread that is before any materials are rich in protein from meat or cheese, allowing for "Tryptophan" to reach the brain before it Tzahmh other amino acids.

* Tuna and chicken (chicken) and Rooster Habashi (Rumi):

It is a source of protein, low-fat, and rich in amino acids, one labeled "Triossin", which raises the level of mental chemical "dopamine" and "Norippinivrin", and thus improves the motivation and reactions.

Research shows that the U.S. military "Triossin: raise the level of energy and helps the body to cope better with the pressure ..
Search also shows that foods rich in protein, can compensate for the sense of the stress caused by eating a meal many carbohydrates.

* Beef:

The total disregard for the beef red can be more harmful than useful. Those who follow a diet based on decreasing cholesterol, may be exposed to iron deficiency, which makes them feel tired and fatigue, Valhdid keep the cells of the body rich in oxygen, and thus retains a good card.
It is enough to eat a small piece of beef every day, so keep Bhujik.

* Orange:

The researchers found that any shortfall, though few, in Vitamin C "C" (who works on the high level of the "Norippinivrin" born of energy) can make you feel uncomfortable and fatigue.
The lack of food containing vitamin c "C" degrade the ability of your body to absorb the iron it needs to fight fatigue.
The greater intake of vitamin C "C" can make you more joy and optimism. The University of Alabama researchers found that those who ate more than 400 mg of regular vitamin C "C" (the equivalent of two cups of fresh juice, oranges or six) did not suffer only half of the fatigue experienced by those who ate less than 100 mg daily .

* Banana:

Magnesium deficiency is associated with tension and closely linked, even if some doctors who specialize in advising the diets of those who live life worried that add Balmagnseyoum-rich foods such as bananas to the diet.
If you are dealing with as a daily concern, it is even worse, as the stress hormones that flood the body in times of stress, deplete magnesium from the cells and lead to reduced resistance to colds and viruses and tiredness. While the researchers found that excessive intake of magnesium, leading to a lack of concern and to sleep better. If you were not like other rich banana Disused Balmagnseyoum transport is "nuts" and legumes and leafy green plants and grains of wheat.

* Chocolate:

Many girls and women tend to eat chocolate, especially before menopause directly or When they get bored and stress. There are several possible reasons for this Some experts believe that chocolate, like any Starch Sweets - may have a calming effect, while others suggested that the caffeine in chocolate and the like, may work Kmenbhatt. If not can this or that to enjoy the simple act of being addressed from time to time may be all you need to lift your spirits.

* Coffee:

Scientists link between caffeine in a cup of coffee in the morning, and the ability to clear thinking and a sense of energy, and for three hours, for example. In a study of fifty people did not get enough sleep at night, few have succeeded the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee to raise the level of focus and energy. Some scientists believe that caffeine causes a slight and temporary rise in blood pressure, and impede the hormonal messages that urge us to sleep. But scientists Ihdhironk at the same time, with more than a cup of coffee a day may make you tense, irritable, nervous.

* Water:

Drought in all grades is a common cause of stress, but often overlooked, the "Elizabeth Sommer," the author of "food and mood". When it dries the body, less blood rush to the members, and slowing the body. Drank enough water daily to protect you from feeling sluggish and lazy.
Do not wait until thirst drink water. Valbalg needs to be addressed from 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. Are not considered soft drinks, or that contain caffeine such as coffee substitute, it may act as a diuretic, and increase of drought.

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