Mint renew blood cells

Publié par happy-diet lundi 26 octobre 2009

Mint renew blood cells

Nutrition experts have confirmed that the mint has a value of wonderful food, It renews the blood cells and prevents nausea and stomach aches, cramping, and pH, and absorb the gases and doping and generates and is useful in gout and itching and hemorrhoids.

They explained that the boiling mint if put with the sugar syrup was conclusive of the types of headaches and impaired vision and headaches and refine the chest of phlegm and live dental pain if chewed leaves are green and has the effect of an antispasmodic.

If the drink mix honey and vinegar, it prevents nausea and worms to live and toothaches and strengthens the heart, and should be dried in the shade and not in the sun to keep the aromatic strength, according to the newspaper 'Times'.

And using spearmint moderator agitated nerves and relieves the intestines of gases, and is useful in the treatment of asthma, cough, breathing easily and generate urine and renal colic lives and the pain of menstruation and used Cgrgerp of the teeth and to treat inflammation of the breast for nursing.

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