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The world has witnessed significant developments affected all our lives, food, and one of the basic things in everyone's life, which is also not safe from interference and industrial technology showed the frozen and preserved food and many others, is that food placed modernity touched upon potatoes.

Which was being put into bottles ready to eat, of course, after the addition of many preservatives, oils, fats and sugars, which in many cases are not mentioned among the list of contents. The danger of this category of food that consumers are a class of children where a British study suggests that 50% of British children ate packets at least one day of this product. to identify the health disadvantages of chips and the actions taken to raise awareness and prevent their spread, was for (Health First) of this investigation: plentiful food harmful to the problems caused by the chips d told us. Hossam Issa specialist therapeutic feeding center Dr. Ntrshen saying: The chips of the favorite foods of children sing as the taste of mouth because it contains high carbohydrates and this is one injuria These carbohydrates cause children to deal with large quantities of them, leading them to move away from eating other foods and natural health, and is included in the installation of chips hydrogenated oils.

They have a negative impact because they are poor quality and thermally treated and lead to several problems such as high blood lipids, and indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea sometimes by the nature of the body and in the long run may be hydrogenated oils cause cancer. There are preservatives and very damaging effect on the liver and colors added to the chip, including a large group banned globally. In general, should be reduced as much as possible of these children to demand food and directing them toward healthy and nutritious food.

Intestinal problems

And about the problems that may affect the stomach due to ingestion by children of the chip d told us. Amer Helbawy, saying: These foods contain saturated fat, which lead to intestinal disorders and an increase in weight, and many salts which may lead to high blood pressure.

Synthetic preservatives are added, limit the efficiency of the stomach in the digestion and lead to intestinal Altalpkat, and there are types of which include hot spices which may lead to ulcers in the stomach, especially in children. Overall chips is one of the fast food unhealthy and suffer from obesity, stay away from them they may add to the suffering and became known as the obesity caused by health problems for those who suffer and may address the package, a week is enough for the children can not be removed from the final chips gain, but must sponsor them after eating a meal in an integrated and healthy.

Preventive measures

And the actions taken to protect students from harm caused by chips and reduce its spread among students told us d. Fawzia Al Jaziri, director of school health in Dubai, saying:

For fast food fried potatoes are pursuing school canteens and to minimize the provision of these products inside and try to replace it with natural products free of additives and preservatives and we do the work of awareness-raising sessions for parents and students about the health effects caused by eating these foods at events over the medical the school year.

According to some medical studies that eating this amount of fat in the chips on a daily basis is a major threat to child health in the long run, and that some poor eating habits practiced by people every day raises concerns the medical community in many countries, high rates of obesity in children. Must therefore be unveiled for the content of these foods to help children and their families make the right decisions about their choice of food and healthy meals

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