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That the milk of food task in any diet as it is used in a lot of meals Calftor with coffee or tea or even drink-free without additions. Reported previously in an article replace Ballatyh energy drinks on the components of the main benefits of milk in general, and here we will provide several benefits not mentioned previously. The benefits of milk, which will be mentioned belong to low-fat milk and skim a better understanding of the full-fat milk because whole milk contains more than the amount of saturated fat.

That the calcium metal is important for building bones and a cup of milk and one quarter of the body provide the required amount of calcium per day. It is important for children and teenagers get a lot of calcium in the bones grow very quickly at this time. Also found that determine the strength of bone throughout the life of man is at this age (childhood, adolescence), and if no body gets adequacy of calcium at this time, the bones will Ttrqq in a shorter time. Also found that the bone after the age of twenty-degrade gradually and this degradation is automatically and there is nothing stop him, so if he gets rights on the adequacy of calcium in childhood, it will reduce this degradation because when a person enters the age of twenty, the bones strong and bear decomposition. Calcium has several benefits as well in the body, in several recent studies found that calcium may help reduce colon carcinogenesis cells.
Calcium and the descent of weight

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers studied the effect of higher calcium diet on weight and fat loss. The study divided people into two groups were given high-calcium diet and another group a little calcium, both got the same calories. After a full year have been measured weight and the proportion of fat-burning, it was noted that the high calcium group got more weight and burn fat was higher than the other group.
Milk and childhood obesity

In a study conducted over 8 years has been on children aged two months and were followed as they arrived to the age of 8 years. This study derived several important results, including that children who eat a lot of foods high in calcium such as milk and dairy products were far less weight than other children who have diets based on fat and sweets. After several calculations concluded that each increase in calcium as much as 300 mg per day to children's diets is linked with a decrease in the rate of weight in kilograms childhood and three kilograms in adults. Information here I am presenting to parents and tell them the best Any Pepsi cola, or milk?

Milk output from cows fed on natural grass contains a substance called conjucated linolinic acid associated with this article much work and the presence of the hormone insulin in the body helps the body to increase the sensitivity of insulin and thereby lowering blood sugar.
Breast Cancer

Were studied after the milk of breast cancer in France have been several follow-up to thousands of women for a year and a half and found that women who ate a lot of milk and milk products are less likely to breast cancer risk.

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