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* Orange:

Tonic and refreshing and beneficial in the treatment of chest diseases and cold
. Dates:
Tonic and tonic and Dabg and antiseptic and diuretic and calming.
* Pomegranate:
Dabg of the stomach and urinary tract disinfectant and tonic.
* Apple:
Tonic and happy and solvent of cholesterol and calming.
* Watermelon:
Antiseptic and diuretic and laxative and anti-venom warm.
* Melon:
Tonic and tonic for bones.
* Grape:
Is useful in all diseases and diet and nutritious food for the brain and beneficial to the body.
* Mango:
Vitamin bones and hearing and sight.
* Peach:
Of fever and disease areas and warm.

* Apricots:
Laxative and good for the colon.

* Guava:
For chest diseases.
* Teen:
Laxative and cough-relieving and trainers and clearer of the glands and critique of the liver, spleen and chased for gravel and salt excess.
* Quince:
Tonic and clutch handles Oblivion and strengthens the memory and lowland face.
* Bar Sugar:
Nutritious and tonic and struggling for constipation.
* Cherry:
Of vitality, activity and the prevention of inflammation.
* Pear:
Fight for constipation and inflammation of the joints.

* Grapefruit:
The diet and vital activity and inflammation of the joints.
* Lemon:
Tonic and refreshing effect in the treatment of many diseases, and uses of women.
* Bitter Orange:
To strengthen the heart and intestines and the expulsion of gases.
* Strawberries:
For diabetics and the activity and vitality and beauty.
* Pineapple:
Of weakness and disease activity afternoon.
* Berries:
Throat and congestion of blood purification and open the appetite.
* Banana:
Strengthens members and addresses ulcers of the stomach and kidneys

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