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Road food to stop high blood pressure

Road food to stop high blood pressure

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertentio

DASH-diet is high blood pressure Omrghyr desirable Mataadi natural border 80/120 mm Hg even if this rise slightly each Xiaodphi are an increase in health risks.

What is blood pressure: - blood pressure, give rise to a pressure of blood on the walls of blood vessels. Palmlmtralzibaki measured and written in the form of two numbers, one above the other, or a row.

The first is the systolic pressure Systolic and taken when the heart muscle contraction which is the highest and the second is the diastolic pressure is taken when Diastolic energizes the heart muscle, a figure smaller and both important.

When pressure is high: --

First: - The natural level of compression Normal hypertention

The normal blood pressure if the systolic blood pressure less than 120 g-mm. And diastolic less than 80 g-mm.

Second: - pre-stage pressure Pre-hypertention

Phase begins when the pre-pressure reading systolic blood pressure 120-139 mm g. And read the diastolic pressure 80-89 mm g.

At this stage the treatment is by changing the kind of food, activity and weight loss

III: - high blood pressure Hypertention

Pressure is high when the systolic blood pressure reading 140 mm g. Or more and diastolic pressure reading 90 mm g. Owakther

At this stage the treatment is as mentioned earlier in addition to medication and follow your doctor's instructions

The impact of the kind of food a person on blood pressure: --

Long ago, many researchers tried to find a relationship between blood pressure, diet and how diet affects the blood pressure by studying and testing of various nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein and fiber with subsidized food, but did not reach a clear conception. In 1994 scientists and researchers to study This relationship with the support of the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood in the United States of America

National heart-lung and blood institute NHLBI of the National Institutes of Health through the two studies conducted in the Institute

The first study called DASH Aldac

And was aimed to study nutrients and their impact on blood pressure through their presence in combination with each other was tested three types of nutrition

1) - normal diet similar to most Americans eat

2) - normal diet with an increase in the quantity intake of fruits and vegetables

3) - system Aldac DASH

The results showed that the second and third showed Ankhvaza Mlhaudha in blood pressure, but Aldac was the best and this happens within two weeks of the use of diet

The second study, called Aldac sodium DASH-soudium

This study was designed to study the effect of the level of sodium in the diet on blood pressure was tested three levels of sodium

1) - 3000 mg sodium This is the quantity dealt with in the normal pattern of food

2) - 2400 mg Sodium is the upper limit recommended by the National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood

3) - 1500 gram of sodium is the minimum recommended by the National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood

Found that the amount of sodium Khvz Khvz lead to higher blood pressure in all the diets under study but it was the most when you use the system Aldac and levels of sodium up to 1500 mg sodium.

What meal Aldac What's the DASH-diet

Aldac Diet is a meal designed to Khvz Aomina high blood pressure, also called

DASH-eating plan and Aldac DASH is an abbreviation of the phrase

Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertention included in the diet on the amount of sodium ranging from 1500 mg - 2400 mg, a quantity of sodium is the upper limit recommended by the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood Institute NHLBI and the diet containing a small amount of saturated fat and cholesterol and a large quantity of vegetables, fruits and grains with the use of low-fat dairy products and contains a small amount of meat with the use of nuts and legumes as sources of vegetable protein with reducing the use of sugars and sugar-containing beverages and Alhlobac. This meal is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and fiber, a healthy meal anyone can be addressed.

Special diet food pyramid Aldac: --

Hierarchical distribution of quotas daily diet Aldac
Vegetables Group 8 10 shares

Of grains 7 8 servings

Meat group 0 2 lessons

A low-fat dairy quotas 2 3

Total fat 2 3 quotas

1 share of nuts

Desserts 5 times a week

Example on a diet Aldac diet consisting of 1800 calories: --


Medium grain, fruit

Cup low-fat yogurt or milk or milk

4-1 loaf or half a cup of breakfast cereal or any other source of grain

6 tablespoons table pulses or 30 g cheese sweet without salt


Cup fruit juice with a half cup of nuts (Germmlhp)


Cup green salad

Cup vegetable ride

One fruit

Oohalib a cup of milk or yogurt (low fat)

2-1 cup whole-wheat or rice or pasta, or any source of grain

30 grams of meat, chicken or fish


Fruit juice with 3-5 grains, biscuits, Rusk


Cup green salad

Cup vegetable ride

One fruit

Oohalib a cup of milk or yogurt (low fat)

2-1 cup whole-wheat or rice or pasta, or any source of grain

30 grams of meat, chicken or fish

How to start a diet Aldac: --

Aldac meal containing lacquer of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, more than usual to Malk are rich in fiber can cause bloating or diarrhea for Malk must begin with quantitative intake of fruit and vegetables gradually.

Tips to reduce the amount of salt and sodium in the diet:
1) - Use products with less salt and sodium you find it written on a food label

2) - the use of fresh vegetables and stay away from canned and preserved

3) - Do not use canned meat or cured or smoked or added to emollient

4) - Use breakfast cereals few sodium Malk find written on the card product

5) - Ataatnol food spicy and pickled

6) - Stay away from sauces, pastes, creams

7) - Use spices, vinegar and lemon to improve the taste of food instead of salt

8) - Stay away from foods with added flavors and fast food preparation

9) - to Atadhav salt food

10) - Do not use canned soup and broth and packed ready-to-prepare

11) - eating fruits instead of dried snack foods (food Alasnak) such as game

12) - Do not use food stored in buffered saline solution

13) - Do not use a food additive sodium bicarbonate or glutamate Monousodiom

14) - Wash your canned food when water is being forced to use to get rid of the salt

With my sincere wishes to all-time Health & Wellness

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