Olive oil, soybeans, and fruit of the strawberry prevent deadly diseases

Studies have suggested an American and Canadian modern separate that eating moderate amounts of some natural food may contribute significantly to the prevention of several diseases begin in mid-life, such as heart disease and malignant Alalaowalouram and dementia, which is aged longer and healthier lives.

The study was conducted laboratory, which is due for publication on October 15 (October) the current in the journal «Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology» on the science of poisons and Applied Pharmacology, a team of scientists Center «Monel» Monell Center in Philadelphia in the United States, scientists said that the article «Ooljukanthol »Oleocanthal which are naturally found in extra virgin olive oil may help prevent infection, and possibly cure, of Alzheimer's disease, known as« Alzheimer's disease ».

The study found that the article, change the components of toxic substances to the nerves, which is believed to be responsible for the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.

According to Professors Paul Breslin and William Klein, supervisors of the study, the latest discovery will enable scientists to develop new standards for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, and improve methods of treating the disease, the substances known as «ADDLs» extremes associated with the nerve to the brain cells, leading to the disruption they relate to each other, The distortion function.

The scientists discovered that the mixing of the «ADDLS» Alooljukanthol with the laboratory, even a small amount, leading to reduced ability to bind to nerve cells significantly. It also led, in a sudden unexpected, to increase the targeting of the new article by the antibodies, allowing the use of immunotherapy in the future to attack the toxins.

In a second study conducted by scientists at Agriculture Research, and agricultural crops, McGill University, McGill in the Quebec province of Canada, published in September (September) last issue of the journal «World Agriculture» Agronomy Journal, found the results to that of soybean, compared to other agricultural crops, has the largest proportion of the material «tocopherol» Tocopherol Anti-oxidant four types, which contribute significantly to the prevention of diseases in general, and heart disease and malignant tumors in particular.

In a related development, according to a study conducted by the American team of scientists from Oklahoma State University and published on September 28 (September) last in «Journal of Nutrition» Nutrition Journal that eating strawberries reduce the level of harmful fats in the body, such as low-density cholesterol, LDL, which cause of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

And gave the researchers, led by Professor «Arpita Basu», a professor of nutrition, 16 women have the ability have a cardiovascular disease, two cups of strawberry juice powder, dried for two weeks, and measured rates of fat and blood pressure before and after this procedure, and found that the rate of fats has decreased in large and arrived at the natural rate in 13 cases of whom are without any side effects.

The study concluded that eating food containing soy, as well as to the amount of virgin olive oil, with the fruits of strawberry, Iedk better health and longer than youth without health problems without the need for drugs, may cause side effects in many instances, of what is worse than the original disease.

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