Wrap skin Dry Skin

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Wrap skin Dry Skin

Is a balance between the oils and moisture something vital for the skin properly and attractive. The sebaceous glands secrete oils that make the skin surface slippery. The moisture in the water inside the skin cells, which up to it through the blood. This is the water that keeps the skin cells in the case of full and healthy and look young active. Because the oils and moisture work together, they should be skin cells moist enough, should also be that there is sufficient oil to act as a shield to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture from the skin layers of Foreign Affairs.

There are actually two types of dry skin: dry skin, dry skin, a simple boat.

Simple dry skin results from lack of natural oils, which vary causes. And are often seen in this case, women under the age of thirty five.
Dry skin lacks the compound of oils and moisture together, and is characterized by precise lines and brown spots and change in skin color and an increase in the size of pores and sagging skin. Is usually associated with the aging process.

Dry skin tends to lack sparkle and because it Hrishvia and in the form of chips, which also consist of wrinkles and fine lines with ease. And usually gives a feeling that tight and uncomfortable after washing unless laid on him the kind of refreshments or cream skin. The Alakecv cracks or signs of severe dehydration of the skin and its lack of water.

Of the usual dry skin in the areas of the body prone to natural factors such as the face and hands, but it may be a problem for the whole body too, especially in winter. It is a hereditary condition initially, but may arise (or exacerbated) due to poor diet and environmental factors such as exposure to sun or wind or cold or chemicals or cosmetics, or propagation of the shower using strong soaps.
The food shortages also lead to dry skin, especially lack of vitamin A and the B vitamins.
It seems light-skinned are more likely than others to be affected dry skin, especially with the progress of their age, the majority of people's skin tends to become thinner and drier with age.
Many people have dry skin in some areas and oily in others. Tend skin of forehead, nose and chin to being a painting in the typical case of the skin boat, while the overlying skin tends to the rest of the face of the drought.


- A balanced diet includes vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts. Intake of protein a good quality which comes from vegetables, and drive the amount of cooked foods covered.

- Eating foods rich in sulfur, which helps keep the skin soft and young. His medical sources include garlic, onions, eggs and Alosparajs (asparagus). There are also in the sulfur amino acid "for - Sistien", which can be purchased in the form of tablets.

- Eat plenty of vegetables with yellow and orange, as it is rich in beta-Caroline, as it is one of the preceding articles to be a vitamin.

- A half gallon of clean water at least every day to maintain a good deal of water in the skin.

- Avoid fried foods and animal fats and vegetable oils, heat treated, such as those sold in supermarkets. Use oils that have been extracted on a cold only, and beware of any oils subjected to heat, either during preparation or during cooking. Heating oils leads to the production of free slots have a devastating effect on the skin. And taking supplements of essential fatty acids. May be the best available supplements for dry skin, but you must be patient, it may take the emergence of effects months or more.

- Does not deal with carbonated water, sugar or chocolate or potato chips or fast food preparation other.

- Avoid alcohol and caffeine, these two articles Tdran urine, leading the body - including skin cells - to the loss of fluids and essential minerals.

- Do not smoke and avoid inhalation of smoke of others. Smoking causes adverse effects on the skin for several reasons. Firstly, the nicotine to the blood vessels, including capillaries of the skin micro-nutrients, which deprives it of oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay in proper condition. Secondly, the frequent smoking to certain situations to end up in the face of its persistence in the form of wrinkles. The face is distinguished characteristic of smokers wrinkled, which radiates in a circle around the mouth. Smoking can also make skin dry flogging Suede.

- Do not use strong soap or cream or cold creams cleaned the skin. Creams are made from cleaned hydrogenated oils, which can lead to damage of the skin cracks free, leading to dry and curl. Instead, use olive oil or avocado or almonds net to clean the skin. Sign Petrpet oil on the face and then wash with warm water and a soft cloth.

- Use the fiber (Allovp) and warm water twice a week for washing the face, in order to strengthen the blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Avoid the use of fiber around the eyes.

- You should always coat the skin after cleaning, and other times of the day if necessary, to protect it from drying out. Use moistened with a liquid or oil for the face contains the components nutrients and other natural ingredients. Do not use creams, moisturizing wax solid. Use of oil treatment of wrinkles and the generation of vitamin A humidifier is useful in the face of dry-age lines caused by the sun and the natural changes of the skin with age. The oil is useful in the treatment of wrinkles clean the skin. Generation and non-oily moisturizer and absorbs quickly.

- Search for skin care products containing Jazbat moisture to the skin humectants. It is material to attract water to the skin to retain moisture. These include materials that attract moisture vegetable glycerin and natural vitamin E, and Albantinol a form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B 5).

- Use moistened the atmosphere or even a vase of water near the heater) to dampen the place, especially in the winter. This helps reduce the amount of moisture that skin loses it by evaporation.

- Make a face mask once a week to clean the skin and remove dry surface skin cells that have lost its luster. Mix thoroughly to fill a teaspoon of green clay powder (available in health food stores) and fill a teaspoon of raw honey. Place the mixture on your face avoiding the eyes, and leave for 15 minutes, then wash it well to use lukewarm water. While your skin is still slightly damp, place the Zeta normal to the skin or wetted liquid.

- In the case of infection of the skin Balakecv or cracking, add your consumption of water and essential fatty acids. The best coverage of the affected areas Balakecv material sleigh with protection from weather elements.

- Use the cream or oil with the Azeris Alsnveton oil and vitamin E, and Aloe for the treatment of dry skin and apartments on the fingers. Place the mixture on the hands at bedtime, and then rebounded rubber gloves during the night. Can be found on the pure vitamin E oil in the stores that sell healthy food.

- Avoid the sun as much as possible, it is responsible for the majority of the damage being inflicted on the skin. They cause drought and wrinkles, and even rashes and blisters. Put always worn well of the sun on the exposed areas of skin if you have exposure to the sun.

- For skin care compound, dealing with dry areas as dry skin and oily areas as the oily skin.

- Cocoa butter cream is good for the skin, and it is not expensive. It also helps in reducing wrinkles. Kept in the refrigerator after opening the box.
General considerations

- Could be one of the signs of dry skin lack of thyroid gland.

- May cause some medicines to the dryness of the skin, including diuretics, anti-cramps, and antihistamines.

- Depends on the production of skin balanced natural moisturizing factors that help to attract and retain moisture. Help a group of acids, known as acid alpha - hydroxy, in the production of these natural substances when used externally. These acids also encourages the formation of new skin cells. These acids are found naturally in apples, milk, sugar cane, citrus fruits, tomatoes, grapes and berries. It seems to lactic acid, among acids alpha - hydroxy-, that the best improvement in skin moisture, while more efficient Glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration.

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