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Program per day to purify the body and expel toxins

Is a program for one day and one can return all three Shahuro anyone can apply, as it does not need easy access to the effort and can be applied normal working days without the need to take a leave of absence.

Drink a cup to two cups of warm water wrung in which half of the Imonh
Chopped or mashed fruit (apples or grapes or kiwi or mangoes or pears) each to saturation. Herbal teas such as chamomile or mint.
The authority of vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, carrots power vegetable - fruit salad and referred to above.
Herbal tea (such as chamomile or mint).
After waking up: Breakfast: the tenth time: Breakfast: water: before going to sleep:

Program days

Successive days, the best day of the program as it gives the body enough time, but relatively needs rest, so you should be applied weekly during vacation, for example. And to human needs for comfort and has very few physical stress the implementation of the program

The first day
Drink a cup to two cups of warm water wrung in which half of the Imonh
Intake of grapes red or white within Alcleo grams and consume throughout the day
Drink a large quantity of liquids such as herbal tea or juice, carrot juice or papaya juice, or U.S. branches of celery or fresh apple juice.
Address these juices throughout the day and tried to relax water or fruit juice mixed with vegetable juice. The authority of vegetables - fruit salad and referred to above.

The second day
Drinking a glass of warm water wrung in which half of the Imonh when you wake up
. Apples whenever I felt hungry, and your goal is not to deal with 8 apples throughout the day.
Continued to take up liquids such as herbal tea and fruit juice diluted with water and vegetable juice. Waking up: the rest of the day:: Second day: the rest of the day::

Program three days to purify the body and expel toxins

This three-day program is intended to drive away all impurities accumulated in the body and are generally useful in general for example, people who suffer from a blockage of the sinuses and those who have ear problems and people who suffer from asthma and the effect on people who have colds a permanent basis. And eventually benefit people suffering from constipation. Usually this is
Program in the clinics and recreation centers, health and under medical supervision, so is not recommended to take him to the man on his own without follow-up from a doctor, especially for people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Fruits and benefits of

Green and red very good for purification and expel toxins from the body and helps in the process of balancing the level of blood sugar, blood pressure and reduces cholesterol in the blood is rich in potassium, a good cleaner for the skin and liver and digestive system a good source of vitamin C anti-oxidants. Mangoes contain an enzyme Alabababin which helps to digest protein source for three of the antioxidants are beta carotene and selenium, vitamin C. Is a good source of fiber and vitamin CIII Apple: Grape: Aalkioi: Aalmanju: Aakhawk: Aalkmthery:

Ways to help the body to expel toxins

*- DIET purification (referred to in this article)
*- Juice fasting
*- Herbs filtration
*- Anti-oxidants
*- Exercises doping
*- Deep breathing
*- Steam bath and sauna
*- Massage and dry massage Balfrcp

Symptoms that indicate the need for the body to expel toxins *- fatigue and fatigue
*- Constipation and poor digestion
*- Bad breath
*- Acne
*- Frequent colds
*- Joint pain
*- Frequent incidence of muscle tighten
*- Headache

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