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To name «Vitamin» any product enough to instigate the character of «absolute necessity for the body» on it.
It provides scientific definition that the vitamin is an organic compound and not Ahma or amino acid, and the body needs very small quantities to perform various functions. The organic compounds are carbon-containing compounds in its structure, as is the case with vitamins, fats and amino acids, but the last two articles are not of vitamins.

The general expression of the process of taking vitamins is embodied in dealing with plants and meat from animals that hold these vitamins in their bodies. As some plants and animals use water, air and sunlight to produce vitamin inside as is the case with vitamin C, but these vitamins can also be produced and the laboratory must differentiate between the rights of natural vitamins, vitamins, industrial, and when talking about science it is necessary to mean the material in the food, with specific functions, which are indispensable to the human body. Scientists often need to study long and many years to determine whether a subject is necessary or not, but vitamins are very necessary to the human body.

Vitamins are divided in terms of their properties to the B vitamins are soluble in water and other soluble in fat. And in the fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, K, while other vitamins they are all dissolved in water. And engage each of the vitamin B under the banner of the water soluble vitamins, as well as vitamin C. The body can store fat soluble vitamins in relatively large quantities, including B12, while soluble vitamins can be stored in the water only in small quantities, but this does not fill the need of the body, except for a specified period.

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