Natural foods address the mental state and improve mood

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Natural foods address the mental state and improve mood

Fish type oily such as salmon is essential for the growth of the brain, and there vitamins are necessary for the body, it needs to combat certain diseases, such as: vitamins b types of help in alleviating depression and stress, the body needs vitamin b6 in addition to nutritional supplements, and oats to prevent injury to fluctuations in mood and help to maintain blood sugar levels, vitamin E helps to support the movement of blood and the transfer of glucose and oxygen to the brain, and is considered an important anti-oxidant, protects brain cells from damage and exposure to corruption.

Examples of foods rich in vitamin E, eggs and mayonnaise, milk, salmon, sweet potatoes, peanuts and vegetables, dark green leafy lettuce, and vitamin B5 nutrients that stimulate the brain and is available in eggs, lentils and meat.

The grains provide vitamin B3, which needs the brain to resist aging, and B6 needs the brain to produce serotonin neurotransmitter regulating mood, depression and anxiety, is available at the avocado and peanuts, is essential, he believes monounsaturated fat needed for energy and activity, which is good with a sandwich of brown bread, bran, beans, and magnesium metal-relieving muscular tension is relieved of bouts of fear, and foods rich in this metal nuts, seeds, beans, leafy vegetables, fish, and kiwi fruit.

We eat milk (yogurt) is rich in substance, a tyrosine amino acid which transmits nerve impulses to the brain, and helps in overcoming depression, and strengthens memory, and increased levels of mental alertness.

There are different types of vegetables and fruits are used to modify the mood and get rid of some diseases related to eating such as cabbage or kale is an excellent source of calcium calming for the brain, and catalyst to sleep for people who suffer from insomnia, cabbage contains choline which supports memory, which is vitamin prevents without the accumulation of fat in the body, and pumpkin seeds is very important as it includes two omega-3, and must eat half a cup of which at least a day ..

Tomatoes and anti-depressant, and helps to strengthen memory.

The lack of zinc causes hyperactivity, and some hostility in some children and adults, Faihtajon daily dose for treatment, 30 mg of zinc can be increased a great deal of eating pumpkin seeds, eggs, red meat.

It should be practicing the sport to ease stress, which has some experience in daily life, which may result in depression, anxiety and tension

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