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Respiratory rate

The initial actions of the first aid for respiratory rate:

- The presence of chest pain - heart palpitations - nausea - a prolific race.

- Is the injured suffered by the cases of severe anxiety or nervous tension?
- The severity of the symptoms and the beginning.

- The type and quantity of drugs that have been dealt with in a timely manner.
- Is there a numbness in the hands or around the mouth?

- Is there any history of other diseases?

* Assessing the respiratory rate:

- Note the symptoms of fainting or loss of consciousness.

- Note the voice of breath accompanied by wheezing Why was issued by the lung.
- Measurement of vital signs.

* Warnings:

- It causes severe anxiety and nervous tension respiratory rate: stress, which results in death or injury of a member of the family of the patient.

* Protocol first aid to the speed of breathing:

- Measurement of vital signs.

- Provide psychological treatment.
- Provide assistance to the patient and calm him down psychologically.

- The process of breathing through a paper bag or placing hands on the mouth in the form of the cup to bring carbon dioxide that comes out during the process of breathing.

* The recourse to the doctor:

- When there is pain in the chest, wheezing breathing.

- The symptoms persist for more than 15 minutes after using the above-mentioned treatment.

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