Tea House serving on obesity

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Tea House serving on obesity

Thoiha many scientific facts of nature, and what was revealed of God sent down a disease without a cure. This is what it reveals to us, every day, pharmacy abundant nature, which contains the treasures of the secrets of medical and pharmaceutical, therapeutic and other scientific discoveries that coming in day after day.

And obesity and one of the major diseases of this age, and the tax to be paid in exchange for the luxury that Nrvl, and obesity, but this may not be a nightmare haunts many also believed widely, if we know it can be cured, and what?

Some medicinal herbs. Yes herbs. This, in fact, is the latest research, which concluded its findings to say that Cuba is one day of white tea can help eliminate obesity, according to scientists, say the researchers, who supervised the study.

And that, according to the latest research on this, the Compendium white tea prevents cells that contribute to obesity in the formation of adipose tissue to completion, also helps in the burning cells, which had just formed.

Herbal and yeast in them, increase the metabolism of Metabolism, also known as metabolized, and contributes to the process of slimming through the possession of large amounts of antioxidants compared to what it contains green tea drink popular one is known.

To that, "says Mark Winfield, experts and nutritionists:" The high risk of disturbances associated with obesity, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the dilemma of rising steadily in industrialized Western countries. We have demonstrated that white tea, it can be ideal as a natural resource Mnhvp " .

Mr. Winfield had studied with his colleagues, in the company of personal care products, known as the German "Beiersdorf AG", the biological effects of the extracted juice, a type which requires less processing, ie, those tea plant called Camellia Sinensis.

To demonstrate, it has been planted cells obesity humanitarian source in the laboratory, and found after treatment with white tea, that the amount of fat which had fallen.

Abizaid and Mr. Winfield, who published his research in the Journal of Health and metabolism of Metabolism: "The solution has led to reduced bile genes responsible for cell growth of obesity, genes and helped to break up the fat they contain."

It consists of white tea buds and leaves of the plant Albakurip first used for the preparation of green tea, and black is most popular drink in Britain and other Western countries.

It is worth mentioning, that handle this type of tea, is less than other types of tea. However, it contains ingredients believed to be effective in reducing obesity.

We have kept the Chinese on these properties useful and very special white tea in secret, for hundreds of years.

In what some scientists as a health drink absolute. And other properties, for example, as it helps in weight reduction, has also emerged, as it prevents the proliferation of cancer cells and reduces, at the same time, a new cells.

And the effectiveness of white tea is apparent in dealing with cases of radiation skin injury, because of availability of antioxidants significantly to the article, which in turn helps in the eradication of the roots are responsible for the bulk of wrinkles and aging.

It's Mother Nature which we come and to go back, and the world is full of that spills secrets, and treasures of various kinds, and only on the human research, study and inquiry, and the realization of the mind, may be the facts, recipes and then, amazing, implausible, and stranger than fiction.

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