The benefits of clean teeth

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People used to develop a washing brush teeth in the bathroom because that was where they conduct their teeth cleaned, but the recent British study has revealed that millions of people exposed to significant health risks because of leaving the bath brush, because it is easily contaminated and it captures many of the microbes.
The study showed that the proportion of bacteria bath to rise to about 6.3 by the use of toilet or shower and high pollution rate to 1.8 meters in the air. He said researchers at the University of Manchester, said about 100 million bacteria can live in the toothbrush in the bathroom.

The benefits of clean teeth

Clean the teeth does not preserve the health of the gums and mouth only, but protects the heart from disease also .. This was confirmed by researchers at the University of Minnesota in a recent study published recently.

They had found that a certain strain of bacteria in the mouth may increase the risk of heart disease, where rates were found to hardening of the carotid arteries and increased thickness, which is a strong indicator of heart attacks and strokes was higher in the elderly who suffer from high levels of bacteria that cause diseases and gums around the teeth in their mouths.

The researchers cautioned that this study is the first to prove the existence of a direct link between cardiovascular disease and bacteria that cause infections of the gums and teeth.
The doctors explained in the magazine "Serkyulishn" The bacteria that cause infections, chronic gum disease enter the blood circulation and contribute to the injury of heart and body organs or other vital diseases, this phenomenon is known theory of infection status or length that indicates that a large proportion of harmful bacteria in the mouth increases the risk of vasoconstriction vessels, especially feeding the heart and brain

It is said

Actually neglect cleaning teeth as possible lead to heart disease, especially to the hacked caries enamel and moved to the layers of the Interior that contains the blood vessels then will possible that the bacteria enter the blood stream and it reaches to the heart and lead to inflammation of the membrane lining the heart, but this does not happen to in the case that the heart or the arteries infected with defects where the defects that lead to attacks bacterial infections and are therefore

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