Eating 80% of insulin protects diabetics from cancer

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Eating 80% of insulin protects diabetics from cancer

Detection of scientists from Hong Kong that diabetics can protect themselves from the risk of cancer by up to 80% by controlling their blood sugar levels in insulin treatment. A study by scientists over five years at the Chinese University in the city that failure to maintain blood sugar at normal levels a further increase in the risk of cancer.

The study included more than two thousand people with diabetes, some using insulin to control blood sugar levels and some do not use it. The study showed that out of every hundred patients not using insulin wounded five each year of cancer. Were injured and only one out of every hundred who use insulin per year. The study concluded that "with the equation of all other factors, concurrent medications, it was found that patients who take less insulin, including the incidence of cancer to 80% compared with those not taking insulin."

The Professor Ronald Ma, President, the research project, "The results show that diabetic patients not only face a higher risk of cancer but also causes the lack of attention to adjust the sugar levels in the blood of patients to increase this risk." It should be noted that the incidence of diabetes in Hong Kong and China have risen dramatically in the past years, perhaps due to the changing food habits and increasing demand for fast food.

The national survey in China that one in four suffer from diabetes or are susceptible to infection, while the rates in Hong Kong and one in ten. Previous studies have shown that diabetics are more likely in general to cancer of the liver and intestine.

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