Hand-washing cleanses the heart!

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Hand-washing cleanses the heart!


Maybe Shakespeare was ahead of its time when the story line in the famous "Macbeth" it is incumbent on Lady Macbeth to wash her hands in order to solve the same sin. This is exactly what some scientists contend that the hand washing helps to relieve the mind.
Have discovered a group of psychologists that the process of simple hand-washing makes people feel good about decisions they make.
They found that people who wash their hands immediately after taking a painful choice were happier than those who did not.

The researchers believe that this work appears in psychological terms, it is a confirmation of the decision taken.
The researcher said Spike Lee, who led the research team from the University of Michigan, U.S

The hand-washing seems to be still doubts about whether a person has done the right thing or not.
He added that studies have shown that handwashing can erase the symbolic concerns.
The researcher went on that once a person washing his hands seem comfortable with his decision, and that no longer need to make the mental effort that makes the selected alternative looks much better than unacceptable.

The Results of the study conducted on a number of volunteer students in the different experiments to the extent that hand-washing cleanses the remnants of unethical behavior earlier, it also removes the effects of previous resolutions, in which at least with the need to justify it.

He said another researcher involved in the study that the impact of this new beginning may be closely related to many of the choices in the choice of life partner or buy a car.

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