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The definition of Headache

And headache is the pain of the head vary in intensity and periods occur, and vary the intensity of headache bout between mild pain and pain of moderate to severe pain sensation.

The pain comes in the front or temple or near the eyes or in the back of the head and may spread to the headache one side of the face or both. Accompanied by certain types of headaches, other symptoms other than pain, nausea and vomiting and was troubled vision and mood.

Types and causes of headaches

1. Organic headaches:

Is a headache caused by illness or physical injury and incidence rate of less than 10? Of the total cases of headache. And there are a lot of cases of disease are accompanied by headache, as examples: high blood pressure, acute eye disorders and high pressure, middle ear infections common in children, sinusitis, dental problems, constipation, headaches before the menstrual cycle.

2. Headache Inorganic:

A headache that does not happen because of illness or injury and the incidence rate of more than 90? Of headaches. The resulting headache is not organic because of physiological changes or changes and functional in certain areas of the head Kalouaip vessels and muscles and the most famous case of this type is migraine, a headache affecting one head, and heart headache may occur suddenly without warning, or may be preceded by a signs of being near the occurrence , was accompanied by seizure symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. The causes of migraine are still not known precisely, but there are factors and circumstances help to raise such high altitude, fatigue, hunger and psychological crises.

Headache remedy

For organic headache remedy heading mainly for the reasons of the disease-causing headache, treatment if blood pressure was high and analgesics can be used as a catalyst, preferably those that do not hurt the mucous membrane of the stomach. Headache inorganic Vicu basic treatment is pain relief and there are many products for the treatment of headaches, including preparations of paracetamol as it does not affect the membrane of the stomach.

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