The new gesture form: drink water when I move

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The new gesture form: drink water when I move

An essential element of good hydration and guarantor of our physical performance, water is the foundation of our vitality. And was even more! For good hydration during sunny days especially when you do sports, Doctissimo an update.

Chaleur, sport, hydratation

Although hydrate has been the subject of the conference "Water, hydration and sport * has highlighted the needs and risks of dehydration. The key to a practical implementation refreshing.
Sport and water requirements

Heat, sports, hydratationOn have forgotten that our water is over 60%! A finding that the deplore Professor Christian Cabrol and Dr. Christian Recchia, speakers at the symposium "Water, hydration and sport. Yet, "even in temperate climates such as ours, a sedentary adult needs to consume 1.5 liters of water per day." This means that:

* A: you go back to booze water, pronto!
* Deusio: drink more if you move!

During the conference, emphasis was placed on the importance of respecting our hydration needs through physical activity. The reasons are manifold: during exercise, the body loses heat and water for cooling, and sodium.

Furthermore, water is necessary to use carbohydrates, this precious fuel physical activity. Remember that the food is the muscle glycogen is necessary to store water. In other words, that poor hydration can really affect your performance.
Sports and Hydration: Preventing risks

Beware of dehydration! Practicing a sport when one is below the threshold for hydration, involves risk. Thus, the agency is obliged to make greater efforts. It is physiological: the volume of water contained in blood plasma decreases and the blood becomes thicker. Result, blood circulation in small capillaries becomes more difficult, the rate of oxygen and nutrients that feeds the muscle decreases, and the ability of our body to eliminate toxins, also decreases.

In these conditions, the performance can only fall. Remember that a loss of 1% of your weight in water implies a decrease of 10% of your physical abilities. Water as a lubricant to tendons, tendinitis can occur.

Hydration helps to cool the athlete's body during training. If this moisture is deficient, heat stroke watching especially in summer when the outdoor temperature increases, requiring more than other seasons, to drink enough.

Sports and Hydration: When should I drink?

This is not very complicated, you should drink before, during and after exercise! The first instruction is to start well hydrated. During exercise, do not wait to feel thirsty, it is already too late. "It's a sign too late," says Dr. Recchia.

Anticipate! Drink regularly and in small amounts: your stomach can only absorb 75 cl of liquid per hour. The correct strategy is to drink small amounts every 10 or 15 minutes.

Finally, after you moisturize effort to offset the losses. We must drink from the activity stops, then again at regular intervals for several hours. This will promote the elimination of acidic waste generated by the muscles and rehydrate all tissues. Whether the benefits!

And drink during or after exercise is even easier than brands strive to enter the market pretty trendy bottles that can only boost your desire for hydration!

Sports and Hydration: The good drink

Your drink should be fresh, not too cold (around 15 + C). Avoid soft drinks or sodas. The first disrupt digestion, about the second, they are too heavily sweetened and do not allow a good recovery. "Beware," said Dr Recchia, soft drinks can be consumed in order to hydration. Is an important message to convey, especially to our children. " The doctor is particularly critical of "mistakes" hydration for many budding tennis players, who are mostly, dehydrated and worse, drinking soda. One leitmotif: water, nothing but water!

If you practice a physical activity for more than three hours (a golf course, a marathon ...) think about energy drinks. A good drink of the effort must be made of water, carbohydrates and minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium, etc..), All in a concentration that respects the balance of the plasma. A composition that allows you to rehydrate, refill carbohydrate stores (they contain about 75 grams of carbohydrates per drink) and to compensate for sweat losses of minerals. Follow the advice of dilution. However, do not consume it regularly.

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