Oral ulcers

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Oral ulcers

Often develop ulcers in the human body For example, there is ulceration of the stomach and infect the genital organs, as well as eye and nose, the kind that we will shed the light of day it is ulcers that affect the mouth and throat. May appear in some people, sores in various shapes, colors and sizes. May be in the form of swelling or changes in the internal membranes, gums, mouth or throat at the top of the Interior. And may be caused by diseases associated body. We must from now on and through this topic to know what these ulcers, their causes and injuries and ways to remedy them. Valfm is the main gateway to Jhazina digestive and respiratory as well as being a conduit crossings of transmission associated with diseases and microbes.

Start with the definition of oral sores oral lesions is an inflammation or ulceration of the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity is surrounded, and show the form of bulges or holes on the membrane and different colors between the white and yellow as well as different sizes are ranging from several millimeters to several centimeters. And often are due to go in the oral mucous membranes.

You will learn the types of oral ulcers each one separately:
* Oral ulcers and mouth disease.
* Sores in the mucous membranes and other symptoms associated.
* Mouth sores are small.

The feel sick burning sensation and tingling at the place of the ulcer before the appearance of the ulcer duration of 2 to 48 hours sores Mouth small to be white surrounded by red halo color, and number of lesions to 6 lesions appear on the mucous membrane surface and that the shape of a round or oval shape and is cured in the period from one day to 14 days, and appear several times a year.

Sores are large, complex

* Pass sores large complex in the same stages of lesions of small and appear frequently in the mucous membranes pharyngeal or mucous membranes bearing glands and are painful in a very large, and forms a halo of red leading edges comes ulcers associated with fever and disappear within one to two months, leaving a scar.
Allaiip ulcers form. A lesson for some small blisters in addition to some scattered in most of the Blindfolded mucous membranes of the mouth.

Recall the causes of oral ulcers in general:

1 - disruption of the digestive system.
2 - hormonal disorders.
3 - Lack of sleep.
4 - It may be psychological reasons.
5 - Lack of hemoglobin.
6 - Malnutrition, particularly when the lack of vitamin «B-12» and a lack of iron and folic acid.
7 - genetic factors.
8 - sensitive to a particular food.
9 - bite the tongue or cheek during chewing.
10 - smoking.
11 - Some toothpastes.
12 - the menstrual cycle.

And frequently the appearance of these lesions in satisfactory condition, such as medical lack of immune-related diseases such as HIV (AIDS) and turbulent bowel disease.
Oral cancer appears mouth ulcers due to factors vital or physical and have little damage to the body, and may be ulcers are the primary cause of a cancer of the mouth Any ulcer not be apparent or does not occur in pain, can be a cancer of the mouth, and therefore should be rushing to see a doctor, and often affect the elderly and smokers.
How is the treatment of oral ulcers
* The treatment of these ulcers sessions lotion nice, and through water mixed with salt or lukewarm water with Glycerin Timol, lotion or oral anti-infection wash with chlorhexidine or Alibovidon iodized.

Can be rid of the pain resulting from these lesions by the use of local anesthesia or anesthetic Albenzidamin hydrochloride in the form of gel or lotions or sprays and ointments is not recommended for children using the drug may cause anesthesia in the bottom of the tongue or throat of a possibl East during swallowing.

How can I avoid oral ulcers

* Although the ulcers do not have a radical remedy is often repeated The maximum we can do is to avoid refined as much as possible and therefore be publicly by avoiding the foods you eat hot and irritating the mucous membranes of the mouth multicultural flair in spicy or sour, as well as to avoid biting and touching and pulling the affected area and most importantly, to be a soft brush teeth and floss their teeth right after every meal, so that we protect the mouth of the foods that cause ulcers.

In conclusion we would like to note that these ulcers do not cause serious diseases in most cases, only we must change our way of life for the better living conditions, and avoid them, and remember prevention is always better than cure.

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