The phenomenon of party eyelids is a common problem,

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The phenomenon of party eyelids is a common problem

Affect the confidence with your beauty
It usually affects one eye, but sometimes occur in the eyes
Together, which is the result of reflex contraction of the circular muscle that surrounds
As well as the medicine is that the continuation of the eyelids flicker for hours
Or even several days is normal,
It shows when people is healthy altogether.
But this situation is the whole of those who engage in physical activity
Or suffer from excessive fatigue and lack of sleep, stress,
And those who exaggerate in the consumption of caffeine.
There may also be the situation after surgery of the eye.
Almiokemia Myokymia
A medical statement of this phenomenon,
Usually disappear on its own without any treatment taking premium
Enough sleep and reducing caffeine and stay away from stress,
If continued on a daily basis for two months
Or more can be stopped by anti-drug slight contraction described
Doctor, or by injection in the vicinity of the eye from the article toxin
Of Botulinum
Known under the name Botox
By a specialist in eye diseases.
If the depression spread to other muscles of the face,
It calls for medical advice to ascertain the reasons

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