Risk of toothpaste

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Risk of toothpaste

A lot of talk recently about the toothpaste and what it contains toxic substances or harmful, and numerous well as theories and fallacies that have been raised about the issue, and specialists were divided between the pro-fluoride (Fluoride) and anti-him. But first, first, what is this article? What is the reality of toothpaste and its components? Really contains toxic substances and hazardous, or is it safe to our health and the health of our children?

Natural explanation:

Custom cleaning of the teeth and mouth since ancient times, was used by ancient man Alquaht Kakecor oysters broken bones and accurate and Eggshells mixed with scented powder, to remove the effects of stains and dirt on the teeth. And then later discovered that mint and cinnamon, makes cleaning of the teeth the most enjoyable and help to eliminate bacteria and Iattran mouth at the same time.

The science has evolved over the years about dental diseases affecting, as well as developed the contents of the toothpaste and benefits and also ... disadvantages.

While trying to modern humans to follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy, forbidden to the same white sugar factory, and eating and ready-made or those produced chemically, and turns into a natural and organic products free of toxins to maintain health and the health of his family, lose sight of the issue of toothpaste, this article entering the body twice or even three times a day ... every day.

Scientists say that if we ate a diet rich in raw material (crunchy) and the raw-numbered hydrogen balanced (ph), will never need to scrub our teeth after today. We have shown that scientific research and advanced studies on the initial tribes and civilizations, that ancient man had the teeth strong and very healthy even though he did not know the toothbrush does not Majunha.

But with the transformation of most of the people to address the fiber manufacturer and the omission of whole grain and to eat cooked or canned instead of products raw, it is cleaning of the teeth necessary to protect and to remove plaque (plaque) by as well as remnants of food particles and bacteria attached to them and the tissue interior of the mouth leads to Tsusha and riddled with, and to other diseases where the sore gums and teeth fall out, etc. ... The water is an essential element in cleaning the teeth it helps to get rid of the lingering effects of eating them by 50.

Illness in the diet:

Says the dentist Richard Hansen RICHARD HANSEN The diet rich in raw and crude Palmokulat (apple, quince ...) when you clean the chewing mouth and teeth at the same time, stimulates the secretion of saliva to the tooth and removes all the material collected in bad mouth. So in a clear indication that people who suffer from the problems of the teeth follow a diet poor and detrimental.

Risks of fluoride:

When you use toothpaste that contains fluoride is known Fluoride, must Alatbah to Mhoyate and read them carefully. Fluoride comes in several forms Kflorid sodium soduim Fluoride, foil and fluoride stannous Fluoride and phosphate mono sodium monofluorophosphate, all derived from hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluoric acid with fluorspar Filorosbar a precious metal rich Bflorid calcium calcium fluoride.

And fluoride is the chemical element symbol of the ninth F, one of the elements halos. Unscrupulous doctors to add small amounts of it to drinking water and toothpaste to protect it from decay, but at the same time was a center high rates only affect the learning capabilities of children and the health of teeth and fragile, and it might even cause death. According to Acanutro Hansen had been registered, two deaths, two small children by the ingestion of all the content of a tube of toothpaste. It is delicious, especially from the young Al_khass (flavored with cherry, strawberry, candy, etc. ...) are the most vulnerable people poisoned by fluoride, but that an adult who swallow toothpaste when you rub do not get poisoned, but rarely.

Is still controversy existed between the supporters of fluoride who claim to be effective in the long run and its opponents who called attention to the enormous risks. In spite of the Dental Association of America ADA advocates the addition of fluoride to toothpaste and drinking water (except for children below the age of three), it is feared those responsible for the natural health risk excess fluoride OVERFLUORIDATION poisoning fluoride which Eetmzar in blackening the teeth and Tbakaha and the erosion of the port EROSION OF ENAMEL and the fragility of bone structure and a range of other problems, including the impact on the capacities of comprehension and learning and kidney disease, imbalance in the brain ... etc..


What materials are added to toothpaste?

In addition to fluoride there are many materials that Tdilv to toothpaste Kalglesirin GLYCERIN, sorbitol SORBITOL (sugar, carbohydrate) and sulfate sodium lauryl SODIUM LAURYL (LAURETH), SULFATE and Scaren sodium SODIUM SACCHARIN and titanium dioxide TITANIUMNO.1 Blue C & DIOXIDE_FD and calcium carbonate and silica ALCIUM CARBONATE and SILICA.

* Glycerin: An article maintains moisture toothpaste, a second product for the manufacture of soap, BY PRODUCT, and extracted from animal fats and plant, and if they focused high rates affect the mucous membranes.

* Sorbitol: a moisturizer as well, and use an alternative to glycerine and locally, not poison Alserbitol when you use the outside, but if high doses that lead to diarrhea and problems in the stomach and intestines, and may also affect the absorption of some drugs into making less effective or even more toxic.

* Sulfate sodium lauryl SLS: recently raised controversies many of this type of disinfectants, featured warnings on the internet aware of the dangers of this article and raised fears of him is hysterical. If the SLS antiseptic and moisturizing factor emulsion EMULSIER and enters in the composition of the toothpaste and shabu and soap .. Etc.. It raises the skin when it is not Hsaith Mdhuba and cause diarrhea when consumed in large quantities, and believed that this article cause ulcers or increase eating (ANCERC SEROS) and increase the risk of cancer.
* Scaren Sodium: Article local manufacturer is added to toothpaste, mouthwash and lipstick. The decline in the use of this article since the eighties when scientists discovered that it causes bladder cancer in rats when given in large quantities. Although many of the scientific tests on this article, which stresses in the incidence of cancer, is still an organization of health and medicine do not classify them among the materials that may be carcinogenic.

* Titanium Dioxide: This article is working on whitening toothpaste, if inhaled concentrated amounts may result in damage to the lungs.

· FD & C eulB No.1: used to dye blue toothpaste which is derived from coal Qtrn may lead to many allergic reactions, and has indicated the tests conducted on rats, it may lead to malignant tumors when ingested in large quantities.

* Calcium carbonate and silica: Each of these articles cleaner natural. However, the silica material related to Crohn's disease CROHN'S DISEASE (inflammation of the small intestine) with the scientific studies that did not prove final.

Ingredients First:

So that we know what has toothpaste, are we really able to abandon them after we have become an essential part of the rules of hygiene and cleanliness that we follow every day. On the other hand has become the natural care products are available in all pharmacies and major dealer, but before you buy any of them, we have to read carefully their components because they may contain toxic substances mentioned above and shopping on the natural AHA hundred percent ...
Putty natural alternative:
We can manufacture natural toothpaste we use every night to clean the teeth after moistened with water, have only to mix 30 grams of bitter MYRRH with two tablespoons of honey and a handful of natural or plant Akassain discarded SAGE ...
Or we can mix a little salt with bicarbonate of soda (BAKING SODA) and 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide HYDROGEN PEROXIED and clean our teeth each night.
Source: Guide to Alternative Medicine.

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