Roses, flowers and health benefits

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Roses, flowers and health benefits

People buy roses and flowers to just good looks, or to express love or other meanings by the color of the flowers or roses, but the truth of these other beautiful plants as having a strong effect in influencing the mood of women.

It's for women than being a mere decorative scientific research has shown that the scent of roses effect a strong influence on the mood of women, but that the effect varies in magnitude according to type of flower and smells different to you now and some of these species and their benefits:

- Lily pink

And Daffodil Yellow

Help to improve the feeling after a hard day of work stress: the research indicated that the effect of these flowers smell better than medication (philodendron) has concluded the study of ninety women were so laid a bouquet of roses next to the women living color printing, business office daily . The result was that they felt significantly better in M'zajhn and be calmer during working hours.

- See the flowers blooming

Assist in the human capacity to endure the pain: reached this result by the status of women in a room similar to rooms of hospitals and was developed by women in the snow to determine the extent of bearing the pain. The result was that women who were surrounded by blooming flowers were able to bear the pain for a minute more of women who were in an empty room.

- Fragrances

Effect to alleviate the grief and vent their anger: The study proved that women who have been exposing to the odor of lavender during the conduct of examinations, have benefited because they were Mstrkhiat more likely therefore recommends the study of all women who are subjected to pressure in their work to inform themselves flowers to improve Omzjtahn and their work performance . On the aromatic oils in general, they contain aromatic compounds oily concentrated aromatic plants, the characteristics of multi-therapeutic and cosmetic. It is usually derived by distillation of fruit, flowers, herbs, trees and spices.

Each oil chemical composition of the body, which supplies a specific type of healing ability, this is done by stimulating the body and inhibits the capacity of self-therapeutic potential in it, and oils to enter the body through the skin and nose. It seems that the impact of odors on the brain cells, especially those concerned with memory and emotions, which lead to an improvement in the body and soul and emotions.

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