Yogurt ... And money you know about yogurt?

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Yogurt ... And money you know about yogurt?

Proven that the yogurt can alter the body's ability to burn fat, which makes it lose fat and maintain muscle.

This recent study made by the doctor, "Michael Zimil" a professor of nutrition at the University of Tennessee found that individuals who ate yogurt skimmed weights have lost much more than losing others were following low-calorie diet only.

The yogurt eaters lost 22% of body weight and 61% of total body fat, and 81% of the fat in the abdominal area more of the group that did not deal with yogurt and only low-calorie diet, in a period of 12 weeks.

The loss of fat from the abdominal area is a good thing too as the most dangerous types of weight gain are those which combine the fat in this region, which is similar to the body is apple-shaped, and the increase incidence of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers.

And helped to eat calcium-rich yogurt a loss of more than an inch in size compared to the center who did not eat yogurt, where the researchers that the proportion of calcium in the diet that stimulates the body to burn more fat and not be new quantities of it in the body.

The researchers believe that the little food in calcium increases the production of enzyme-producing fat, and reduces the activity of enzymes that break the fat, the result is fat cells larger and more fat.

Hence the advice of researchers addressing skimmed yogurt and rich in calcium, which contains only 100 calories in a cup containing 180 grams, and that three times a day.

This rich yogurt Balcaliswm maintain bone density, muscle mass, also increases the loss of fat.

And other recent studies have shown that the rate of eating yogurt daily reduces the risk of colon cancer, which causes the third highest rate of death from cancer in the United States.

Milk fat and proteins, addressing cholesterol and blood pressure and find full-fat yogurt to defend him also, as some scientists have found that fatty acids found in dairy products is in fact neutral in terms of content Alchollstruli but is also decreases cholesterol.

Also been proved that milk proteins have a proven ability to improve the health of teeth and keep them from decay and also bone density.

Other studies have shown that a type of milk proteins can lower high blood pressure, so that Japan produced a therapeutic compound that contains this protein has proven effective in reducing high blood pressure.

Researchers say that milk contains more than 400 fatty acid, and many of these fatty acids have the ability to protect against serious chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and circulatory system.

Studies have shown that there is a relationship between intake of these fatty acids and low incidence of breast cancer in women in the age of stops ovulation.

Studies show that cheddar cheese and yogurt are similar in their capabilities therapeutic food.

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt are also produced several of the vitamins such as vitamin B1 / B2 / B3 / B5 / B6 / B12 Vitamin A / K, a vitamin essential to life.
Many important health benefits found in this delicious food, light, and the most hidden, so that scientists now believe it is food of the future.

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