Am I at gum disease?

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Am I at gum disease?

Yes, you are exposed to gum disease at any age, but often affects adults in fact about three of every four adults over 35 Aamamassabon now or have been infected with periodontal disease, but fortunately can be prevented inflammation of the gums or addressed through periodic visits to the dentist and take care of daily oral manner valid as long as there has been permanent injury to the gums.

If not treated in time can develop inflammation of the gums to a disease called "Periodontitis" lead to the destruction of bone and gum that carry the teeth at this stage can not repair the damage and requires the patient to a system of care extensively in the House, health care, especially for not exacerbate the situation.

What to do to avoid tooth decay and gum disease?

Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums is easy if what you are used to clean it properly every day and visit the dentist regularly.

Brush your teeth carefully twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bed, and every time you brush your teeth brushing, you remove the plaque that have to be on your teeth if it allows Black to accumulate can become hard and turn into a transmission (also called Trtr), which must be removed by the dentist .

Use toothpaste that contains fluoride, which has been scientifically proven that it helps prevent tooth decay in addition to that are on the market mouthwash with fluoride. You should also clean between teeth daily to remove plaque from areas that the brush can not reach.

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How do I know that I brush my teeth brushing correctly?

The use of brush teeth properly is the first step to maintain the health of teeth and gums, Valtnziv good teeth requires the use of the brush right way for a period of not less than two minutes and requires every part of the mouth for thirty seconds (upper right-, upper left, lower right and lower left).

Use the brush properly:
There are several ways to clean your teeth and you and one of the most common:

Of the exterior surfaces of the teeth make the brush 45-degree angle toward the gum line level.

Move the brush gently and short movements back and forth on the teeth and gums.

Use the same movements to clean the inner surfaces and chewing surfaces.

To clean the inner surfaces of front teeth, hold the brush vertically and use gentle movements to up and down Balsairat long at the top of the brush.

Do not forget to clean the level of the gums and make sure to clean the back teeth.
While you clean your teeth, do not forget to clean your tongue it helps to maintain the same smell fresh.

Replace your toothbrush every three months or less if started on the bristles damage. Studies have shown that the new toothbrush removes 30% more plaque than a brush-old 3 months.

What are the features that should be available in the brush teeth for me?

• Choose a toothbrush with brush head design helps to reach areas that are difficult to access in the mouth.
• You must be a brush with soft bristles that are gentle on the teeth and gums.
• It may wish to consider the use of electric toothbrush looking for new models that provide safety during use, many of which contain sophisticated technology that allows to remove plaque more effectively than the manual toothbrush.
• Choose a toothbrush with a comfortable handle many of which contain anti-slip handle making it easy to use and is wet.

What about electric toothbrushes?

For greater efficiency in the cleaning of the teeth you can use the electric toothbrush with advanced features different way of using an electric toothbrush for a way to use the manual toothbrush, as you work instead of you. All you have to do is direct them to different parts of the mouth.

Use an electric toothbrush:

Follow the instructions in the manual accompanying Astkhaddan brush your brush. Here's an example:
When you use a toothbrush electric, make sure to move the brush slowly from age to another, following the line of the level of the gums and the shape of each age.
Keep the brush on each tooth for a few seconds before moving on to the next Age.
Do not forget to clean all areas including the internal surfaces and chewing surfaces and behind the back teeth.
Move the brush parallel to the level of gum, do not press or rub often simply let the brush do the work.

Sensitive teeth what to do?

Teeth can be sensitive to high temperature or low or sugary foods and drinks are very or that contain acids. The decline is caused by the gums in highlighting Mushiest parts of the tooth, and can recommend a dentist treatment or products that help to address the problem, therefore you must follow the following:

Avoid eating sweets and sugary foods and choose foods in lieu of sugar-free Kojbat light. The Alkhaddraruat and fresh fruit, bread and popcorn is one of the appropriate options.
Do not smoke or use tobacco.

Reduce consumption of carbonated soft drinks (including diet) Most of them contain acids harmful to tooth enamel.

If you can not clean your teeth after eating, eating sugar-free gum is a suitable option that chewing gum increases the secretion of saliva, which is an effective system that is used against oral plaque.

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