Diabetes and cholesterol

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Diabetes and cholesterol

childhood obesity Pediatric obesity drives use of blood pressure,  cholesterol and diabetes drugs by children up 15 percent

The increase in cholesterol in the body a very common condition in patients with diabetes (more than 70% of patients with type II diabetes have such an increase). And cholesterol enter an important factor in the composition of membranes of living cells. And plays an important role in the formation of many of the basic material in the body, including hormones, testosterone and estrogen and progesterone, in addition to being essential in the installation of yellow material manufactured in the liver and stored in the gallbladder, in addition to other functions within the body. However, increased cholesterol or any disturbance or disruption in the processing within the body, leading to serious problems and serious impact on human health and life. Cholesterol disorder interferes with many diseases have a direct relationship with diabetes and high blood pressure, accumulation of cholesterol The low density (LDL) as well as triglycerides in the arteries, especially coronary artery lead to fatal diseases such as hardening of the artery and myocardial infarction.

So I thought I had said something about cholesterol and its effects and its relevance to both diseases former, diabetes and high blood pressure, being one of the reasons that help to get complications, in addition to the methods of treatment without drug treatment fit the ill effects of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a substance Steroydip alcoholic has advantages of fat, hence its name associated with disease, hardening of the arteries feeding the heart. There are several types of cholesterol, but we are interested in two types of two main cholesterol and low density (LDL) and the so-called bad cholesterol, "is sticking to the inner layer of the arteries feeding the heart," cholesterol and high density (HDL), which is called good cholesterol "prevents the buildup of cholesterol-poor on the walls of the arteries of the heart. "

High-density cholesterol to total cholesterol is the decisive factor in determining the seriousness of total cholesterol in the body to human health. If the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) is equal to 0,3 or more of total cholesterol (ie, almost one third of the total cholesterol), the sum of total cholesterol is not important in terms of health because the ratio of good cholesterol enough to prevent bad cholesterol from sticking to coronary arteries. The ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) are the natural 45 mg / cm 3 in males while the figure for females is 60 mg / cm 3, and this explains why the scarcity of disease, hardening of the arteries of females compared to males, is mainly attributable to the fact that estrogen is located at females in larger quantities than males, according to doctors, is the reason for the high proportion of good cholesterol in the body of women, the evidence is that menopause is the point of disappearance of protection for females with regard to the possibility of exposure to disease, atherosclerosis, it is known that menopause is the point that begins where the lack of and the disappearance of the hormone estrogen in females. And must be at least "good" cholesterol in the body of 25 mg / cm 3 in males, and not less than 45 mg / cm 3 in girls.

Prevention and treatment of high cholesterol


A balanced healthy diet with less animal fat (saturated fat) in addition to coconut oil and palm oil (saturated oil).

Weight loss, whether through sports or diet or both, and the best combination of both.

Focus on eating complex carbohydrates, as well as foods rich in fiber, soluble in water, such as pulses, vegetables and fruits.

Sport ongoing and appropriate.

Control of stress and life's problems.

Drug therapy
There are several types of drugs used to treat high cholesterol and cholesterol-called heatsinks cholesterol-lowering medications or organizations fat Lipid - regulating drugs, which are as follows::

The baseline treatment first for certain types of high cholesterol, This group inhibit the enzyme controls the rate of manufacturing cholesterol in the body called HMG CoA reductase, thus lowering the level of cholesterol by reducing the speed of processing of cholesterol and increase the ability of liver to get rid of bad cholesterol found in the blood. Usually taken in the evening with dinner or at bedtime to take advantage of the fact that the body produces greater amounts of cholesterol at night. This group is generally safe and tolerable for most patients, side-effects of hazardous rare. Side effects of this group for muscular weakness, when you get to be consulting a doctor to replace medication or reduce the dose. This is a group difference in the treatment of high cholesterol. This package is suitable for the treatment of diabetic patients with high blood pressure, but must be wary of low blood pressure when standing.


Viberat Fibrates:
This group is working to reduce the proportion of triglycerides significantly. And is able to reduce triglycerides by 50% and raise the level of good cholesterol by 10-25%. The "bad" cholesterol may rise or fall depending on the type of bug that is treated. Symptom profiles are: a simple disorders of the digestive system, there is the possibility that drugs affecting this group on muscles Mspbta muscular weakness, myopathy. It was noted that there are some cases in which drugs interact with groups of this group, which is used in the treatment of patients with diabetes.


Ratinat exchange resins or negative radicals Anion-exchange resins:
They are sometimes called intervals or isolators acids Yellow Bile acid sequestrates, it was linked to yellow acids in the intestine and prevent re-absorption and that the liver converts more cholesterol to bile acids, thus reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. This group typically described with a statin for some patients with coronary heart disease to increase impact and to obtain a higher proportion to reduce cholesterol up to 40%. But there must be a difference between the time period dealt with the drugs, because drugs of this group affect the absorption of drugs statin group.

Hinder the absorption of drugs of this group of fat-soluble vitamins, and that is dealt with if it continues for a long time may require vitamin A, D and K. Few side effects because they do not usually suck, but may show symptoms of delay in blood clotting when there is a bleeding due to vitamin K deficiency. Yuhz usually a period of time not less than 4 hours for other drugs in order to ensure the lack of access to interact with other medicines.

Patient Education
The responsibility for all the flags of the patient with regard to his medical condition under the responsibility of the doctor, Viidah the most important with regard to those diseases and the meaning of their infection and will result in the case of neglect in addition to the risks of high Alchollstorl and triglycerides.

Must be aware of the patient's good that the purpose of giving him this information is not increasing concern, but hope that is committed to patient drug therapy and drug for the purpose of treatment.

In addition to the task of the doctor treating the patient, Valseddle also assumed a major task in explaining the impact of medication side effects that can appear, and times to take the medicine as well as instructions and guidelines to be submitted to the patient, which should focus on medicine as well as to adapt the lifestyle commensurate with the disease and does not conflict with him.

Must remember always that the patient is always in the original treatment, For himself the task of care and preservation of his health, which is the first person responsible for itself.

You must not eat any treatment, medicinal or non-pharmacological, without asking the doctor whether this treatment is commensurate with his health. May be the interaction of drug therapy with drugs that are taken of the patient, leading to lack of access to appropriate treatment or increase the impact of the drug. In case of any bidder that does not exist already, consult a doctor to the possibility that the medicine is responsible.

Due to the fact that these diseases have no symptoms, and can be felt or touch it, only if the increased levels are very high. It is necessary to know the patient that the treatment did not have the direct consequences of the phenomenon can be felt, so emergence of some side effects, especially at the beginning of treatment, does not mean that treatment is not useful, it must be less demand for treatment. In addition to attention to not to forget the time the medication or cut off the medication without consulting your doctor will have serious consequences.

Finally, it must be remembered that this patient's chronic diseases must co-exist with them, and lifestyle modifications and adaptation of commitment to suit the healthy life with these diseases.

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