New screening identifies tumors

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New screening identifies tumors
Reached by British scientists a way to a new survey could save thousands of lives, because it allowed the identification of tumors basic degree of accuracy, and scientists believe that genetic testing the new system will spare many patients, submit to tests or take treatment that is necessary and ensure that they receive appropriate medications in the stages of the disease first. Dr. Assane Harbrit and a specialist in cancers that are testing the new technique, may have a major impact on the way in which diagnose and treat thousands of cancer patients and saving lives. And testing new cancer, which can get results within days, driven by the idea''says that the different types of cancer have''fingerprints''RNA own, so doctors analyze tissue samples from the patient in order to know what type of cancer who suffer from it He then described the proper medication for him''. The Asan and that this technology will be used on all patients who suffer from cancerous tumors in future. He believed that this new method will reduce the cases where the diagnosis wrong, and the estimated rate at about 15% of all diagnoses, especially the presence of CNA difficult discovery afflict the liver and pancreas.

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