Attributes and object-smokers?

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Attributes and object-smokers?

* What is the object of smokers?

- In 1985, the doctor, "Douglas Model," by adding a new term on behalf of

"Smokers face" to the dictionary after a medical study published in the medical journal Ingelezip.

Which found them to define the shape of the face of the smoker and determined after a period of smoking up to ten years or more.

It is very characteristic of the smoker to make it seem larger than a year and this has been termed a special and a new name

"Smokers face" to be his privacy, has been found that most smokers wearing this face up

The real faces, regardless of age, social class, or exposure to sunlight,

Or change in weight, or how many cigarettes were consumed throughout the life ... Because each

These factors adversely affect the skin, but the separation factor between smoking and other factors

The other is not the first boundary and the first responsibility for change

That may cause particular smoker and skin in general.

* Define the smoker:

A - face full of curly lines around the eyes and lips, the cheeks.
B - The skin is thick, thick "Makramc" such as artificial leather.
C - pale face and prominent bones it.
D - the face tends to color to gray or blue for lack of oxygen.
H - A saturated many of the toxins.

* What do you do the toxins found in cigarettes Skin?

As is well known to all that cigarette smoke contains more than 400 toxic substance,

Most of them are absorbed directly in the bloodstream and then to the skin cells.

Cigarettes reduces the efficiency and function of the skin cells to renew automatically, Smoking is working on contraction

(Narrowing) blood vessels in the upper layer of skin, which in turn reduces the amount of

Blood that reaches the skin, and the shortage in the amount of blood leading to a decrease in the amount of oxygen

For all living cells and the renewal of dead and get rid of the corrupt ones.

It follows from anything else on the lack of blood supply and oxygen to the thickness of blood and hardened strength and therefore a small

Rates of collagen in the skin, which leads to the inevitable result of other related Baltiam wounds slower or incomplete.

It is enough smoke just one cigarette to a constriction of the blood vessels that are found beneath the surface of

The skin will last for about 90 minutes. One study has shown that the flow of blood

Thumb to at least about 24% after the first cigarette, 29% after the second. Demonstrated

Another study by the measurement of digital blood flow in the same finger that this percentage is

For more than that to reach about 42% for the same per cigarette. As for the lack of

Levels of oxygen, there are results of a study published by the "Smith and Levinsky" newspaper Academic

Mie-American dermatologist, that smoking for ten minutes deficiency occurs in the amount of oxygen

Which reaches the tissues for about an hour, and smoking a pack means a complete lack of oxygen throughout the day.

* Smoking makes your skin thinner (a study of twins):

A more recent British study on about 25 similar twins, one

Smoker for a long time and the other who never smoked. The doctors used a band

Sound to measure the thickness of the internal layers of the skin arm. It was found that layers

Smoked by nearly a quarter thinner skin layer non-smoker, and in

Some cases there are differences of up to 40%.

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