The Hysteria

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The Hysteria

Is a psychiatric illness characterized by physical symptoms and pain of non-organic origin, and hysteria of many mental illnesses are spread and high rate during the wars and calamities that women as they suffer more than men.
The two forms of the disease, transformational hysteria, and hysteria separatism.
In the hysteria transformation, frequently the patient's complaint of physical pain that move from one member to another so that some members of the body may lose their ability to function may have a patient paralyzed or blindness or the ability to speak. The hysteria may seem a separatist situations such as loss of memory, Alnsawp, roaming Sweat retention, disorientation hysterical.

The causes of hysteria:

Genetics 01: especially among the children with mental illness.
02 susceptibility to infection.
03 environmental factors.
04 sexual repression.
Symptoms of hysteria transformative:
Generally speaking, the common symptoms of hysteria and general features such as:
01 - infantile behavior.

02 - selfishness.
03 - do not bear the responsibility.
04 - the tendency of sophistry.
05 - volatility in the agitation.
06 - the tendency to rely on others.
07 of self-delusion.

Symptoms of hysteria separatist:

Alnsawp: At this stage controlled one excludes the idea of a certain part of his life, forgetting one's all for this part also forgotten his true nature does not know his name or address or family.
Getting Sweat retention: the disease is common with many, however, are more common in males than females is a dream in which the individual is full of suppressed desires of each patient as wandering eyes open, but he forgets what he has done during roaming.

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