Anal hemorrhoids

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Anal hemorrhoids


Not to sit for a long time and exercise help to prevent
A lot of fruits and vegetables helps to treatment
The real reason for hemorrhoids anal Unknown

Anal hemorrhoids from the most common diseases, although the real reason for the occurrence is not very clear ..
Most patients return any complaint or disease in the anal area to hemorrhoids and anal this is not true
, As there are other diseases affecting the region and participate in symptoms (such as anal fissure and anal fistula
And infections of the anus ... And other diseases), and the diagnosis of medical specialty and must follow the treatment by prescription.

The anal hemorrhoids?
The anal canal contains three pillows of soft tissue inside blood vessels and produces hemorrhoids inflation tissue
And the aneurysm inside slipped out of the anus and cause symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are divided to:
Internal hemorrhoids as a result of inflation, the internal network
And external inflation as a result of the external network.

Symptoms of anal hemorrhoids
Patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids Idme without pain after defecation or red light in the form of drops and spray, may occur
Mucous discharge and itching around the anus. There is also pain when defecating or constant pain, after complications for hemorrhoids, such as
Inflammatory clot hemorrhoids or piles with the emergence of a meaty outside the anus and for the third and fourth degrees.
The patient suffering from external hemorrhoids and there meaty painful swelling outside the anus.

How is it diagnosed hemorrhoids anal?
Is by analyzing the patient's complaint and symptoms of the disease and clinical examination, and perspectives of the anus and rectum.

Are we to know the types?
There are piles include internal Intranet anal blood vessels is four degrees
First Class: located inside the anal canal and the view from the outside.
Class II: appear during bowel movements and return automatically to the place.
Class III: emerge during bowel movements and return to the home by clicking on it.
Class IV: bring it abroad and not return to the home.
There are external hemorrhoids include the external network of blood vessels, anal.

What are the factors that cause hemorrhoids anal?
The real cause of anal hemorrhoids is unknown but certainly there are some things to help to occur, such as:

Severe constipation .. Mutaibs and feces.
Sitting for long periods without movement.
Pregnancy and weight gain.
Not eat foods containing fiber.

What complications of hemorrhoids anal?
The most important complications are anemia and anemia caused by bleeding continued for a long time.
Inflammation of the anus and around the anus as a result of the ongoing discharge of hemorrhoids inflated.
Blood clots in hemorrhoids and result in inflation, a very painful and requires surgical intervention fast.
The fall of the anus as a result of sagging muscles surrounding and lack of control.

In what ways different surgical?
Common surgical methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the surgical technique must be removed as hemorrhoids connect with blood vessels
Feeding and the use of different methods depends on the vision of the surgeon and the patient's condition, such as:

Total eradication connect with blood vessels feeding them.
Surgical removal of hemorrhoids with the sewing place in whole or in part.
Eradicate the use of Hemorrhoids Aldbasp surgery.

Depends on what it treated?
The type of treatment depends on the type of internal or external hemorrhoids, and the degree of hemorrhoids and associated symptoms.

Piles for the interior of the first-class dealing with drug use Vasoconstrictive
Blood and topical ointments and suppositories to make it contracted and atrophying.

Hemorrhoids and second-class address such as first-class may resort to other means such as injections or the use of Ciltp
Rubber Band, Infrared, all of which cause atrophy of hemorrhoids in many cases, but in some
Cases require surgical intervention when the lack of response to this type of treatment or the occurrence of complications.

And the third and fourth Darjtan: Hemorrhoids is removed entirely from within the anus and there are ways
Different surgical eradication and lead to the final disposal of anal hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids:
Be eradicated surgically and used topical treatment only to relieve symptoms until the process works.

The surgical intervention is the ideal solution for treating hemorrhoids and anal, especially after the development of surgical methods and the use of
Modern equipment to reduce pain and the problems of post-surgery and given a very high percentage of full recovery.

What about ways to prevent it?
Not to sit for a long time and exercise.
Eating foods containing fiber lot.
Fluids down.
Dealing with constipation and habits of sound output.
Triple link for hemorrhoids without eradication.

Is there a specific diet program?
It is recommended that food is balanced and contain abundant fiber, to make the stool soft and easy to process the output to it is recommended the following:
Do not forget to drink a lot of fluids.
And be full of bread containing bran, not white.
And biscuits full and fragile, such as biscuits, cakes Daiggstev oats.
A lot of fruits such as apples and oranges.
Fresh vegetables, particularly those of cobalt such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Grains such as beans and lentils.

Do genetic factors a leading cause of hemorrhoids?
No, but dietary habits, social and sports are the factors affecting its occurrence.

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