Should be alert to the tetanus bacteria when cleaning up the garden

Need to take note of the bacteria, "tetanus" When you clean the garden
Beware of the "tetanus" When you format your garden

Frankfurt advised fund public health insurance in Germany "swagger. K" amateur format horticulture, who spend their time in their garden at this time of year and are working to cut grass and the coordination of roses and tilling the soil, the work of the regular tests to make sure that the ability of their immune systems to resist the disease tetanus.

Fund officials said that wearing gloves does not provide generally adequate protection against tetanus bacteria, which penetrate the body, usually through contaminated wounds, which dominates the infection in the area of horticulture.

The tetanus, also known as the "tetanus", serious illness accompanied by cramps and severe muscle spasms, and can affect the heart muscles as well.

UNFPA pointed out that the German elderly tend to neglect in obtaining protective vaccine immunity from tetanus infections, stressing the need to take protective vaccinations of the disease every ten years. "AP"

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