Antioxidant drugs cause cancer!

Publié par happy-diet mardi 11 mai 2010

Antioxidant drugs cause cancer!


Washington: U.S. study warned that the recent excessive intake of antioxidant supplements, such as vitamin "c" and "e" in the form of drugs double the risk of cancer.

Shows for Institute researchers if Angeles for the heart while attempting to reduce the impurities genetic occurred while doubling the number of stem cells attack the human, the bug genetic pre-cancer doubled when increasing doses of antioxidants, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency, "SANA" on Thursday. And Dr. Eduardo Marban Director of the Institute, that eating large amounts of vitamins can drive multiple displays of cancer cells, confirming that this is only true when dealing with excessive amounts of supplements does not apply to foods rich in antioxidants, such as oranges, pistachios and blueberries.

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