Inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis

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Inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis

Inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of unknown etiology that affects the joints in different parts of the body parallel to the sides and affect most of the time on the small joints of the hand, the cause of the disease is unknown, but due to the imbalance in the immune system. Some immune cells charged with attacking microbes, in connection with the disease we are talking about attacking the cells lining the joints.

Inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis
There are theories that the imbalance in the immune system due to genetic factors or environmental factors or due to the types of viruses is not specified, and also affects other parts of the body outside the joints, which, together with joints composition of the membrane lining of the joints, and among these parts is the lung, and blood and capillaries, including the eye as well.

What are the symptoms?


Symptoms are not visible:
When the patient comes to the doctor often complain of pain, as well as stiffness in the morning, the first where there is difficulty opening or combine the fingers and movement and difficulty in use, and varies depending on the severity of the disease, and continues to more than an hour or more when the majority of the patients and also the associated symptoms of fatigue in body and idle in general and simple heat, where they are noted in general.

And symptoms can affect the body's different, it complains about the patient dry eye Kalihsas the presence of foreign objects or hair or dust, eye, as well as dry mouth, and also there will be at an advanced stage from a pool of fluid between the membrane lung, and any part of the body also is a gallery to be influenced by .


Visible symptoms:
Complain about the patient from swelling in the joints that are affected by the disease, and the attendant difficulty in carrying out the daily work (vital functions), such as eating and the confusion and the use of hands, and this depends on the other joints affected by the disease, and this is a tired arthralgia as a result of inflammation, and inflammation creates pain and difficulty in movement and the consequent difficulty in the work of jobs that require to be detailed correctly.
Inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis
Inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis

What are the complications of the disease?

If it is not dealing with the disease diagnosis and treatment of early and appropriate way, it will lead to arthritis chronic and erode the joints, and as a result of this is happening kind of distortions and atrophy of the muscles, and also move the injured to the stage of chronic difficult the performance of biological processes, and this is when most patients although there were some differences about how much time a patient needs in the absence of treatment has to occur these distortions and imbalances, and leave from case to case, but in general this is the result of natural, if not dealt properly with the disease from the outset.

Liquid gel is located in the joints, small amounts have a role in feeding the joints and in helping joint mobility, but with the infection occurs inflammation of the membrane, where there is pool wet large, so to speak, and this assembly is filled with inflammatory cells, and also be harmful with above, and occurs here erosion and thus lead to a crash detailed and distorted, and the inability to use it.

Inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis inflammation rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis

Where lies the seriousness of the disease?
For serious, imagine that there is a patient can not use one of the joints, and also be due to the onset of pain and inflammation or damage to be detailed and crash at the end of the day, if not dealt with him. As a result, the patient will be unable to perform vital functions and thus the result is that the patient may not be able to operate the function of feeding on them, but can not take care of himself, this is a very, very important.

The second point: that the deformities in the joints that may affect the patient in terms of aesthetic, the detailed form will be destroyed from the inside, leading to change and distort in its outside.

The third point: the disease can cause osteoporosis when there is atrophy of the muscles and other complications, may result in osteoporosis, easy to break joints and bones, distorted, on the one hand, the detailed muscular, but on the other parts of the body, lung possible vulnerability occurs by fibrosis, and fluid between the membranes of lung internal and external, and the eye can also be affected and are susceptible to blindness at the end and had a low proportion, in that, but he talked in the event that complications strong, as well as complications from the disease to peripheral nerves may be affected and also In advanced cases of the disease could affect the work of the kidneys and occurs albumin in the urine and other things belonging to the activity of kidney function.

And can lead to severe inflammation in rheumatoid stop the movement of some parts of the body such as non-movement of the fingers and joints and knee joints of the pelvis and the shoulder joint is also leading to a semi-paralysis of motor output for lacerations and damage to the joint.

What age group are more susceptible to this disease?
Inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis 1% of the world's population and affects more SAPIERR middle aged and aged between 38-45 years old, but in general it can infect all age groups, without exception, but for sex, the class of women are most affected are greater than men.

Is there a difference in the ratio between the number of patients with the disease in the past and the present time?

Cases in the past were not diagnosed accurately or were attributed to other causes, but is now diagnosed more accurately by those laboratory and the competent authority to radiation, became the developments and availability of information is very important about the disease and this helped very early diagnosis and strict cases, there is now also allocate up to respect to the same diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, and public awareness of the subject has become the biggest of the past. Although it appears that the rate at the present time has increased, linked to the discovery of more cases than in the past, and will remain the subject under study so that we can reach conclusions to be accurate.

Is there a risk to a person's life Is it possible that the NAI, the disease ends in death?
Overall patient inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis when it is compared to the same sex than that of other diseases usually live less than other people who do not suffer from this disease, there is some evidence and recent research which says that patients with inflammatory rheumatoid exposed a higher risk of atherosclerosis and inflammatory the other, or in general illness and the bloody attack more than other people, and this is the main cause of premature death for people with rheumatoid inflammation. If the answer to your question is yes that the disease causes death, but indirectly, and there is evidence from research and studies conducted by some of the parties involved.

What Treatment and Indications of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis? Is the treatment the patient to be treated normally or with some drugs?
The treatment primarily starts accurate and proper diagnosis of the situation, and then the treatment is, as the case are as follows:


To raise awareness of the patient is concise and clear manner easy can be understood by the patient Bmahep disease, its causes and what can be achieved with the patient during this disease, and to tell the patient Bmahep complications that will affect the patient if not treatment, and this awareness gives impetus and a sense of tranquility for the patient and help him to understand his condition and accept the right treatment and proper in order to recover.
And treatment after this stage is divided into two categories: drug treatment, and non-pharmacological treatment.

Treatment with medicinal: the opposition is about natural remedies for disease, and is easy to treating a patient physiotherapy in the progress of the patient's condition and treatment is through the work of natural protection of the joint to push for strengthening the muscles that are around the joint, and physical therapy, a very important and essential to recover from the disease.

The other part of the treatment is drug therapy:
Thank God there are now many medicines work to treat inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis and also there are many options depending on the sex of the patient and by age and by presence of other diseases carried by the patient can cause some medicines complications he has had, and also there are options of the drug is by age for women living with, and also the choice If the woman is lactating or unwilling to become pregnant or are pregnant, there are some drugs are not used if there was carried the possibility of conflict and danger to the health of the fetus, and there are other drugs that act by inhibition of inflammation and to Dmorh Kamadadat inflammation whether steroids or other, and once again say choice of medication depends on the status of the condition, but in most cases is the use of steroids (anti-inflammatory), and we are also working to give the medicines that are running on change and reduce inflammation in the interaction with the body's immune system so that they act by inhibition of the disease in its early stages and work on Dmorh .

There are some vital drugs available at this time, including what is given intravenously or as injections under the skin or taken by mouth, has shown these drugs that have the effectiveness of very strong, and can improve the elimination of the disease in a fast, effective, and because of that disease in This situation becomes in the case of potential.

How do some drugs and its name?

Some drugs to deal directly with some of the cells in the immune system, which have a role in inflammation, and to discourage the immune system in a certain way so as to lock or rheumatoid inflammation that causes the primary to him, and depend on one another to discourage T cells and B cells, etc. ... , And indications of how these drugs used and the time of use, depending on the history of the disease and some tests conducted for the patient whether the patient is suffering from tuberculosis or tuberculosis. In the case of the existence of any diseases previously mentioned, must be treated the disease by taking courses full access to the recovery phase for a week or two, and then begin immediate treatment of acute rheumatoid arthritis, and also do not forget that there are some patients, they have some contraceptive use for certain medications and therefore each case evaluated alone.

الالتهاب الروماتويدي المفصلي Rheumatoid arthritis الالتهاب الروماتويدي المفصلي Rheumatoid arthritis الالتهاب الروماتويدي المفصلي Rheumatoid arthritis الالتهاب الروماتويدي المفصلي Rheumatoid arthritis

In general, the research continues and work is continuing to find new drugs for this disease, so we note the emergence of new drugs are renewed and during periods of time ranging from a few months and year. New medicines in the treatment of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis, which is distinct from other drugs in that it does not work on activate any infection or tuberculosis or atrophic inhibitor inside the body, but the medicine is still new has not been tested on cases that are sufficiently unequivocal to judge it.

In some patients is the early detection of disease, and this facilitates treatment often be the patient's response to treatment has responded magnificently, and there are some other patients were disclosing their status in late or were treated in the past been wrong to shorten the patient himself or for financial reasons and also the lack of health care and time or in that place that has been treated in or the lack of specialist expert in the treatment of the disease and in both cases there is progress in the disease, and there are also some infections that are very late has reached a stage of arthritis crashed, or that the disease reached the stage outside the scope of control, and we also that there are for each stage the above-mentioned treatment method which we follow with the patient. Timely diagnosis and give the correct medication has helped the grace of God Almighty to cure many cases, full and excellent.

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