Migraine - What is a migraine?

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Migraine - What is a migraine?

Although migraine disease known widely painful chemotherapy, it is still also raises a lot of confusion. Therefore, we hope to provide that the six questions and answers which, listed below, explanations about it.

* Migraine 1 - What is Migraine?

Some call term migraine (sister) migraine to describe any form of severe headache. However, all forms of severe headache is not migraine, and not all types of severe migraine headaches, although many of them lead to severe pain.

The migraine «traditional», preceded by the appearances of halo visual aura, usually consist of visual forms chaotic strange - lines of surf, and flashes of light, and from time to time, temporary loss of vision, numbness and tingling affecting one side of the lips, tongue, face, as well as sometimes in the hand is located on the same side. However, about one third of migraine sufferers suffer from the emergence of visual aura, and less than this percentage are suffering from appearing in all episodes of migraine.

Leads headaches caused by disease, whether it is accompanied by aura or not, to the emergence of pain that begins (and still sometimes) on one side of the head. And derived the word «migraine» of the word «hemi», which means (half), and «kranion» (skull) in the Greek language. Characterized by the presence of pain impulses, are also suffering a lot of people from nausea, extreme sensitivity to light or sound, or both.

However, as is the case with the halo video, we have to stop the circular: They found some studies show that 40 per cent of migraine sufferers are suffering from pain in the two halves of the head of both, not one half, and Children with migraine pain in migraine the head.

And also may be confused between the occurrence of other forms of headache, the other with migraine headaches. Valsaddaa migraine may cause nasal congestion and flow, and therefore sometimes diagnosed as a headache caused by sinusitis. Regular headaches suffered by the majority of people has characteristics similar to migraine, such as headache, nausea, regional.

So far there is no test to analyze blood for the diagnosis of migraine. This disease does not cause distortions in the structure of the brain can X-ray scanners to class or magnetic resonance imaging detection, although doctors seeking to conduct such tests to diagnose problems that cause severe headache, such as the detection of cases of bleeding in the brain.

And assist epidemiological studies on the prevalence of migraine to remove doubts about it. Documented, the results indicated that women get migraines more than men at a rate three times, and that the disease spread among the families affected by it, and it appears to decrease with age. However, these results are only indicators rather than criteria for the diagnosis of the disease.

In a word, short, finding a precise definition or an accurate diagnosis of migraine, a complex issue. However, writing a simple diary to record the headaches and the factors that may have stimulated the appearance, may provide assistance in the diagnosis of the disease.

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