Migraine - What are the causes?

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Migraine - What are the causes?

Reason 2 - What are the causes?

Under doctors believed for many years that the origin of migraine is due to the blood vessels, especially those that supply blood, meninges brain (meninges), a thin-film that surrounds the brain inside the skull. And was among those who believed that the blood vessels to expand - and as such, pressure on pain receptors in the latticework of the triangular twins nerves trigeminal nerves that serve the meninges and other parts of the brain. According to the theory of these blood vessels, the corona occur due to lack of blood flow as a result of narrowing of blood vessels, before expanding to lead to pain. This is an attractive theory, thanks to a pulse shape to the pain of migraine headaches. Some doctors and develop this theory, to link the different types of pain occurring in various blood vessels.

However, there is almost complete unanimity that the migraine headaches originate in the brain, not in the blood vessels surrounding it. One of the prevailing theories suggest that the headache caused by the relatively rapid emergence of waves generated by the activity of brain cells. And these waves penetrate the bark of the brain, which the outer layer of the kind of brain tissue, and then followed by periods of inactivity. Called this phenomenon the name was confusing, a «spread compression Allhaii» (cortical spreading depression). The monitoring for the first time the world of Brazilian Aristides Yawa, for the first time in 1944 in the brains of rats, has shown a lot of studies show this phenomenon in humans as well.

Phenomenon seems to «spread compression Allhaii» reasonable grounds for a halo, but the researchers linked it also reported pain. And the advocates of this theory, which assumes the results of experiments to stimulate this phenomenon occurs, inflammatory and other processes, in turn, stimulates pain receptors on the nerves three twins. These infections «within the nerve» and the presence of some other factors make these receptors - and parts of the brain which receives signals - very sensitive, but it happens migraine.

However, some of the leading researchers have expressed skepticism in the migraine due to «spread compression Allhaii». Has been the development of experimental drugs inhibit the compression Allhaii widespread, was tested in one of the best, a drug «Tounnapersat» (tonabersat), which had already shown the effects of proof of a halo, but it failed to prevent the occurrence of migraine headaches.

That is why some researchers say that migraine can be explained best we can from the bottom of the brain of any of the brain stem. This is part of «primitive» of the brain that controls basic functions such as breathing and responses to pain, as it is adapted and modified a lot of other functions such as information received from the senses. The theory here is that they stopped certain areas of the brain stem to work in a controlled fashion or was disturb easily, they begin to carry out a succession of events, including nerve compression Allhaii Manshar, which leads to the emergence of the various symptoms of migraine.

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