Catalysts 3

Publié par happy-diet mardi 11 mai 2010

Catalysts 3

There are so many triggers a migraine that can not be accounted for. Many migraine sufferers are sensitive to strong sensory stimuli, such as: bright lights, noise and strong, and strong odors. Insomnia is one of the stimuli, and also sleep for a long time. The waking up from a deep sleep because of headache is one of the characteristic symptoms of migraine. And many women suffer from migraines associated with menstrual cycle associated with the low level of estrogen in the days preceding the start of the menstrual cycle or that will follow. The position of alcohol and certain types of food to stimulate the migraine.

And tension is one of the most common triggers for a migraine, which can not control it. It is noted here that the migraine does not occur at the top of the tension, but when the tension starts to recede.

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