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* Protects from: lung cancer and other malignant diseases, heart disease,

* An apple a full between the times of food, they contain 81 calories and just more than 3 grams of fiber, protect you against oxidation of cholesterol (ie, the process that caused the payment of the arteries). Apple also contains a substance called (quercetin), which is believed to protect against lung cancer

* Apple is a fruit pretty good shape .. smell .. Allenolzivp and exquisite taste .. But there are other qualities other than in outer Vlltvah have medical benefits and aesthetic ...

* Benefits of Apple:
1 - It strengthens the brain and the heart, stomach and facilitates digestion and is useful in treating diseases of joints
2 - - included in the installation of some drugs and go dyspnoea
3 - activates the intestine and fight chronic constipation and diarrhea in children struggle
4 - is useful in kidney stones and ureters and bladder stones as a solvent for
"Soak apples and drink"
5 - ease the pain of fever and activates the liver and allay cough
6 - and out of sputum and rids the body of acids and fats
7 - facilitates the secretion of salivary gland, intestines and stimulates the heart
8 - and removes fatigue and preserves the teeth from cavities and ease the pain of neuritis

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