Red beet

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Red beet

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Red Beet

Drinks Alcomender Crcherab stunning beauty

Taken from the unity and Tgsleyha and Ngtaiha cubes senior put them in a pot pour the 3 cup water for drinking and Keep it boil half an hour on the backburner and then Yuhz sugar and one hundred in a blender mixed with some pressed by 3 oranges and pour in one cup and drink the fresh girls and God give the skin the imagination and give you the freshness of untold to Ostmriti by and the benefits of sugar known in medicine
(Transferee for Sister Poplar Paradise Forum butterfly) may Allaah reward her the best of rewards .

Eaten boiled, in the authorities, and they do Makhlla. He is the second source of sugar production in the world. Nutritional value Medium: (give 45 percent of calories gram).
Beet White matter activity in the body, and red open appetite and moisturizes the body, and digested quickly and easily. Contains a quantity of iron is not high, but enough to provide red blood cells nutrient occasion. According to anemic. According to nervous and in need of various metals.

Beet juice with carrot juice benefit people living with: varicose veins, hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure, and heart disorders, resulting from the expansion and the thickness of the blood vessels. Helps to build blood cells because it contains phosphorus, potassium and sulfur.

Beet juice with carrot juice with cucumber juice with parsley juice is a mix clean and heal the gall bladder, liver, kidney and prostate gland, and all the sex glands and crumbled gravel and benefit people with TB, cancer and inflammation of the nerves and useful for the prevention of Arashouhat winter days.

Red beet juice-like characteristics in human blood. It contains iron and is working to generate red blood cells and provide the body, pure oxygen and helps the lungs in the performance of mental function.

Circulatory disorders
The beet juice of the best solutions for the deposition of calcium form of industrial and juices are acting drug in the treatment of hypertension. Disorders and cardiovascular disease, hardening of the arteries and varicose veins.
Constipation and hemorrhoids
Help the cellulose in sugar beet to get rid of waste, and also benefits taken regularly to alleviate chronic constipation and hemorrhoids treatment you can take advantage of article Almtkhalsp of beet boiling (boiling water)


Mixed water boiled beets with a little vinegar, then cleans out the scalp. To eliminate the final crust mixes water with ginger, sugar beet and then massage the scalp by the evening for four to five nights and be surprised of the disappearance of the crust completely.

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