Got rid of the yellowing of the teeth and bad breath easily

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Got rid of the yellowing of the teeth and bad breath easily

Can not get rid of the yellowing only by causes, which divides the year yellowing of the teeth into two types:

1. Yellowing of the surface: results from smoking, and frequent drinking coffee or tea or eating certain foods that help to paint the teeth as types of berries as well as accumulation of calcium around the teeth, known Baltklsat.

2. Yellowing of the internal: result from aging or for injury or overuse of fluoride or the result of some disease or taking antibiotics Kalttraseklin at an early age.

The prevention and treatment of yellowing Vicu first of the factors causing the yellow and then using traditional methods and medical maintaining the cleanliness of teeth:

1. Toothpaste clean teeth well twice a day.

2. Visit the dentist regularly to see the problems that affect the teeth before they escalate.

3. Not eat or eat more candy and sweets, caffeine, juices with colored dyes.

4. Eating too much strawberry juice it helps to teeth whitening.

5. Forget teeth yellowed piece of cotton by the lemon juice, and repeat this daily until it disappears yellowing.

6. Forget yellowed teeth with sodium bicarbonate, a substance not over-use because it affects the integrity of the teeth and gums.

7. Forget little teeth crushed toasted bread toast and honey, but he must wash the teeth thoroughly after handling this recipe so do not get dental caries.

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