Bone marrow transplant

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Bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow tissue within the bone where there are by so-called stem cells.
Alkhalaip stem you divide the same and the formation of blood Khalaip task, including blood Khalaip
Red, white and platelets. Playing each of these Alkhalaip an important role in maintaining
The health of the body. Alkhalaip white is important for anti-inflammatory and immune system and platelets
Help in blood clotting of blood and red blood cells provide the body with oxygen.

The basics of transplants:

By cultivation of bone marrow or stem cells is to give the patient medicine called chemotherapy
Preparatory meeting. The chemotherapy destroyed Alkhalaip Aseratanip Khalaip and other sound.
Nokia for purpose of the preparatory chemotherapy is to destroy cancer cells are always in some
Diseases, the objective is to find a place in the bone marrow cells were present in bone marrow
The donor bone marrow transplantation therapy for radically different types of diseases.
It is not a surgery and can be compared to the process of blood transfusion.

Cultivation of bone marrow stem cells in treating the following diseases:

Table diseases can be treated by bone marrow transplant and stem cell

A) malignant diseases:

Acute myelogenous leukemia

Acute lymphatic leukemia

Chronic myelogenous leukemia

Chronic lymphatic leukemia

Hodgkin's disease stubborn

Cancer of lymph glands

B) benign:

Marine anemia (beta thalassemia)

Sickle-cell anemia

Anemia Alvinckoni

Genetic metabolic disorder

Disorders and bone marrow functions

The failure of the bone marrow



Types of different bone marrow transplant:

Self-bone marrow transplant:

In the cultivation of self-bone marrow cells are collected from the patient during the same period
Remission, a period where the disease is declining or disappearing from the body, and then returned
For the same patient later.

Bone marrow transplantation from a nearby identical:

In the bone marrow transplant from a nearby matching the patient receives healthy cells from a family member
Immediate, usually, one of the brothers or parents who may be cells identical to the patient's cells

Bone marrow transplantation from a donor strange Meets:

The patient receives cells from a donor was a strange search for through the Donor Register
Bone marrow World choose the right kind of transplants depends on the type of disease, which
Suffered by a sick child and the search for a matching donor must know the qualities of Textile
It is better to be donated from one of two brothers of the patient. In the absence of a match between the brothers
Must do a search for a donor Ghraib and by the international records of donors and the process
This search may take several months.

Tests before the transplant:

Prior to the cultivation of bone marrow is full and detailed explanation for you and your child why he needed
For agriculture and the type of treatment will receive. It also shows you the effects of chemotherapy by the Preparatory
Agriculture, and explains the process of agriculture itself and inform you in all probability received during this period.

Tests required:

Physical examination of blood tests. Conduct these tests to make sure that the kidney, liver and blood cells
Functioning normally tests to look for inflammation in the body such as urine tests and swab from the throat
Rays of the chest to detect any inflammation in the lungs and lung function check to ensure the efficiency of the lung outline
Friend of the heart to make sure the efficiency of the heart electrical layout of the heart to make sure the integrity of the heart visual acuity -
Examination of the eyes plan hearing - examination of the ears and the ability of hearing you have a dental examination conducted these tests
To find out whether the status of the patient's health allows for cultivation of bone marrow, and to have a doctor
Idea about your general health before starting treatment. May affect some of the treatments that will be received
On the functions of the kidney, liver, and hearing ability, vision, and lungs.

Venous catheter BANK:

Of is the introduction of a central venous catheter prior to bone marrow transplant for the patient. Allows venous catheter
The introduction of drugs, chemotherapy and blood products and food directly into the bloodstream. It also allows
To withdraw blood from non-use of a needle. The introduction of the catheter is a simple procedure done by a surgical
The operating room. The patient receives anesthesia for the years of the introduction of the catheter. The doctor to enter the catheter
In the upper part of the chest. Intravenous catheter is placed so that you can access to the blood.

Are important to prevent Alithabat:

Because of chemotherapy because of the preparatory and radiation therapy (in some diseases it is used
In addition to chemotherapy) be destroyed bone marrow cells. During the period needed by the new bone
For the composition of new cells, the patient will be susceptible to Lisabp inflammation. So take action takes place
Insulation depends on the type of agriculture that has been the patient in the case of transplants during the period of self-non-
Each cell of the patient enters the room wearing a muzzle the mouth and nose and wearing gloves
During testing and operations of patient care. In the case with bone marrow from a relative or a strange person
Stresses the impeachment proceedings. Cleaning and disinfection of all Maidkhal to the patient room nurses and doctors must
They wear special clothes Zuarijb to wear protective clothing, especially given the patient's nutrition
Through the catheter and intravenous feeding called total visitor prevent the entry of the patient or young children

Preparatory treatment:

Before bone marrow transplant patient is given a medicine called chemotherapy preparatory meeting. The therapy
Chemical destruction of Alkhalaip Aseratanip and Khalaip other sound. Nokia to target of chemotherapy
Preparatory is to destroy the cancer cells are always in some diseases, the objective is to find a place
In the bone marrow cells were found in the bone marrow donor. In addition to chemotherapy
Depending on the type of the disease requires exposing the patient to radiation therapy. The goal of radiation therapy
Is to destroy the abnormal blood cells.

There are two types of treatment:

Exposing the whole body X-ray

Exposing the chest and abdomen X-ray

Side Effects:

Of chemotherapy and radiation treatment beams and side effects of different short-to
Long-term. (From the side effects of short-term (acute non-emergency chronic nausea,
Rewind, and diarrhea, allergies, hair loss temporary.

These side effects short-range pass the safety and usually expire after a short period.
The side effects that include most of the patients are exposed to Lalthabat, so
Address all patients with antibiotics to prevent infection.

It can also affect the treatment on the function of the body such as lung, heart, kidney, liver,
We must therefore check these members before the beginning of treatment.

Serious side effects through the cultivation of bone marrow:

The most serious side effects is the patient's exposure to the situation of complete breakdown Members

It is rare side effects and dangerous as well:

Ithabat exposure to germs can not be controlled or cured by antibiotics

Acute bleeding


Disease attacking cultivated taste for the body and is also called (G - in - HP - CD):

This disease is one of the frequent complications when a bone marrow transplant from a donor, but
Does not appear I have a bone marrow transplant from the patient himself. This disease results from attacking the spinal cord
Grown for the members of the patient and tissues that could erode their ability to work and increase the susceptibility of the patient
Of infection. Fortunately, most of these cases are minor.

Complications of chemotherapy and radiation therapy: side effects of short-term (acute emergency
Non-chronic): nausea and rewind vulnerability to diarrhea, allergic (skin rash) Loss
Temporary hair Aloblassa

Side effects of long-term (chronic):

Influence the work of various members to influence the reproductive glands and the possibility of patient injury
Infertility disease, eye injury Gyamp lens

Therefore, the patient must follow-up and review of the clinic at regular times to do examinations for the child's
Physical and the work of members.

Withdrawn from the donor bone marrow:

Bone marrow is withdrawn from the donor by several Nkhozat in the pelvic bone.
This Prod Prod Ti_bbh with which the patient had been conducted at the screening of his illness.
The amount of bone required will depend on the patient's weight the future of the marrow.

Withdrawal of stem cells (major) from the donor:

Alkhalaip key can be obtained from bone marrow or blood from the outside.
In some diseases, preferably stem cell transplantation, which was obtained from the blood outside.
And that the outer blood usually does not contain a sufficient amount of Alkhalaip key for it to do
Activated bone marrow for the composition Khalaip key. There are currently born to do so.
During the process of separating stem cells in the donated blood takes a special device which is based
The separation of stem cells collected in a special bag and returns to the normal cells of the body.
The process resembles the process of donating blood. After collecting the cells given to the patient through
Venous catheter main distributed cells in the body and pass into the spinal cord where to start
Stem cells are cells of the composition of a new sound. Then spread throughout the body.

The lack of cells (Oblassa):

The period that contains the blood on the very small number of white cells. Ballidhavp at that,
The number of red cells and platelets also small enough that the patient may experience bleeding. Red blood cells
The plates can be transferred to the patient. To protect it from Allithabat might be exposed to due to lack of cells
White will give the patient antibiotics during this period. Skin infections of the membranes
Causing the patient severe pain could not because of lunch. So it will be held using the
Full intravenous nutrition. Will be a day to withdraw blood to check the number of cells in the blood. Usually
Fulbright grants the new bone marrow within two weeks to three weeks the composition of new cells.

The reaction: (disease attacking the body's cultivated taste LG - in - HP - CD)

This disease is one of the frequent complications when a bone marrow transplant from a donor this strange disease
Result from attacking the transplanted bone members so that the patient's tissues and impair its ability to Action
And increase the susceptibility of the patient to infections. Luckily, most of these cases, the minor
When the emergence of this disease during the first three months after a bone marrow transplant, it
Disease claims attack cultivated taste for the body, severe form and be the first sign of an early function of
This disease, in many cases, a rash appears first on the hands and feet.
The rash may extend to other parts of the body and develop into a general redness similar to burns
Caused by the sun, with crusting and Tngt skin. Kmaon incidence of contractions in the stomach, nausea,
And bloody or watery diarrhea are signs of the disease in the stomach or intestine.
Kmaon yellowing of the skin and Alaininidl that this disease may impact on the liver. If the disease attack
Cultivated taste for the body after the third month of agriculture, it knows to attack the disease bait grown
The body's chronic. Most patients with this disease are exposed to the problems of the skin may include
Please Java with itching, change in skin color and tied in the skin. They also may feel drier and heartburn
In the mouth, dry or stinging in the eyes. The patient may feel a burning sensation over the stomach, and pain and going down in weight.

Treatment of a disease attacking the cultivated taste of the body:

And for the prevention of disease attacking cultivated taste of the body will give the patient medication
Claims cyclosporine. Will continue to be patient in dealing with a period of six months after agriculture.
If the disease is attacking the cultivated taste of the body more ill, the patient often gives a
Steroids in addition to cyclosporine.

The period after the Agriculture:

The patient's body will not be able to produce blood cells after bone marrow transplant immediately.
The cells which the patient received from the donor need to be a period of time, erosion
J grow within the body, and this time it needs to grow healthy cells differ from
Patient to another and to take place between two weeks and four weeks. Because of the
A few cells in the patient's body will feel tired and weak and be prone to infection.
When high numbers of cells to a certain level and remain stable, the patient will feel
Istaqrarahalth activity and health. It is important in this period fluids and nutrition
The appropriate penalty, which is considered an important treatment and assistance in healing.

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