Stroke .. Symptoms and treatment

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Stroke .. Symptoms and treatment

The illustration shows how a stroke can occur during atrial  fibrillation. If a clot (thrombus) forms in the left atrium of the  heart, a piece of it can dislodge and travel to an artery in the brain,  blocking blood flow through the artery. The lack of blood flow to the  portion of the brain fed by the artery causes a stroke.

Planning for brain after stroke

Stroke is the second most cause of death occurring in the world, affecting nearly 15 million people each year.

A third of that number die of the disease, and causes symptoms constantly for one third of the other, and most cause of ischemic stroke is a disease of urbanization called atherosclerosis, Valcrain infected with the disease and rule, where you stand and attached impurities on the inner wall of the arteries, thereby preventing the flow of blood. The key factors that have a significant impact on the stroke are: smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol in the blood.

The symptoms of stroke?

Weakness or numbness in the face and hand and foot, usually on one side of the body is the most important symptom of a stroke, and other well-known symptoms, is an impaired ability to understand the language of the other person's problems and his ability to speak. It can also be impaired vision, or sense of spin and loss of balance, also headaches be dangerous without apparent reason, during the stroke, are impaired in the work of brain cells in the injured part of the brain, which appears in the form of stunted this segment of work, and this cause paralysis, loss of sensation, speech, disorientation, after several hours of brain cells die due to the interruption of oxygen and food.

Also happen dizziness or a sudden fall and unjustified, and also happens to sudden imbalance in the severity of vision or bilateral vision (see the thing twice), not necessarily that the symptoms appear all together at one time. Therefore, in many cases some significant symptoms of this disease in the beginning, which can cause serious consequences.

Of the exhibition of infection?

Increase the percentage of cases of this disease with age, but also appear in young people.

Prevention and treatment:

Can avoid flying strokes if reminding smoking, and if Qlltm the amount of salt, fat, and sugar in food, eat fruits and vegetables regularly, and practiced aerobics or walking or physical activity for 30 minutes a day at least, or work in the garden or the like . Keep the appropriate weight, if your age has exceeded fifty, you should measure blood pressure when the doctor at least once a year. The high blood pressure, is one of the most dangerous and the most important risk factors for stroke.

There are two main types of stroke:

- Ischemic stroke, ischemic stroke
Produces 80% of cases of stroke atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis is an accumulation of fatty deposits containing cholesterol-called "plaque". The growth of the plaque afraid to inner wall of the artery. The cause of this surface is the systematic disruption in the flow of blood around the sediment - just a stone in a river under way - component of thrombus.
Usually on a temporary basis, indicating minor symptoms that result from the disruption in the flow of blood to the ischemic heart in passing. During the episode, has the body releases enzymes that dissolve quickly clot and restore blood flows at normal.

- Haemorrhagic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke
Being one of the stroke when an artery in the brain burst and leaking blood. Amin Diniyev said blood bleeding from the artery to the surrounding tissue leading to damage. While cut off the blood cells that are responsible for leakage or rupture of the damaged part.
The vascular tumor from one of the reasons responsible for hemorrhagic stroke. With advancing age, may develop swelling is located in a weak point within the blood vessel wall. It should be noted that some vascular tumors resulting from the alert and hereditary. However, the most common cause of hemorrhagic stroke is high blood pressure.
In fact, haemorrhagic stroke is less common than ischemic stroke, but the mortality rate high. The statistics indicate that 50% of people with hemorrhagic stroke die, this figure falls to 20% in cases of ischemic stroke. As for the cases of stroke among young adults in general are hemorrhagic

Immediate action:

If you noticed on yourself or anyone else on the symptoms of stroke, you should call an ambulance immediately, if the patient was transferred stroke when a specialist doctor within 3 hours, it can leave after several days of full health, without any symptoms. That doctors are able by effective drugs to take action and open clogged arteries Baltgelt blood, which causes stroke.

Every minute that passes on the patient without the help of a deep impact on the status, and 30% of patients who do not get help early, dying as a result of stroke.

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