Bitterness .. Structure and function Gallbladder anatomy & physiology

Gallbladder is a small muscular sac under the liver in the upper right corner of the abdomen with a single hole from the top tube linked by short branching of a long canal comes from the liver and even the first part of the intestine of wheat flour or the so-called honor is due to centuries.

When the passwords of the form of bitterness, and these pipes and canals you will find yourself in front of a canal connecting the three members of your body are the liver and gall bladder and intestine flour and no doubt you are an admirer of creation and creativity of God Almighty to ask yourself and say I wonder what the use of the network of pipes, and what movement? And what is the role of bitterness?

Give rise to liver cells and continuous viscous liquid with a golden color yellowish-flowers and tastes over the so-called ulcer bile and moves the liquid through the tube (connecting between the liver and intestine) of the intestines to play a significant role in the digestion and absorption of fat during the arrival of food into the intestine. But except that, between meals, this liquid can not pass to the intestine, there must be a gathering place and that place is the gall bladder that collect and store bile and increase focus.

Although a capacity of bitterness less that contains five liters of bile is the quantity produced by the liver per day from the liquid but that the Lord Almighty had given the bitterness of the ability to absorb water from the bile through the walls and keep the components of bile basic any more emphasis .

What is the gallbladder? What is the composition and function?

When a person eats and mess up the intestines, the lining of the intestines news bitterness of the juice they need, which is retained by the letter is the immediate chemical Alchollsistinin hormone produced by the lining of the intestines and is transmitted through the blood to the gallbladder. When you reach the message to the bitterness of the Balanaqbad help the muscle layer and covered by full-time and content of bile through the tube connecting between them and the intestine. And stay with us for creativity Creator If you know that there is a guard guarding the muscle the last slot of the tube that connects the biliary intestinal channel is always closed and opened only if the food arrived in the intestines to allow the passage of bile and bitterness that dispersal as well as bile from the liver.

Can the human see the bile?

When you move bile to the intestine, they play an important role in the digestion and absorption of fat and cholesterol as well as the absorption of soluble fatty fat soluble vitamins A, K, D, E and while in transit in the small intestine and thick exposed bile to the interactions of the resulting color change to yellow italic for the color brown instead of yellow slash of color and the color green is the color of the stool, who earns a yellow-brown in cases of diarrhea, it might not have time to shift the color of bile, we find the color of the stool may be green, as in childhood diarrhea. As one can see the bile when the infected patient to vomit very die after emptying the contents of the stomach to the descent of a yellow liquid over the means of bile

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